How to Add Swap Memory to your Ubuntu Server

Don’t worry even if your server has only 512 MB RAM, you can actually increase your server memory with help of swap files.In any case they are somewhat deficient regarding RAM. 615mb of RAM is sufficient to test utilizing the support and doing essential things. Anyway in the event that you need to begin doing element website pages or even begin doing database driven stuff you may begin to use up memory rapidly.


Considering this present its justified even despite making a swap “record” to facilitate the torment if you use up virtual RAM.

1gb of swap ought to be sufficient. So make your swap record in the base of your filesystem:

Follow these commands in your SSH terminal (PUTTY or any SFTP client)

The swap memory can be created as follows

[root ~]# dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1M count=1024
This command creates a swap file of size 1GB named swapfile in your server root.
[root ~]# mkswap /swapfile
This command creates the swap filesystem.
[root ~]# swapon /swapfile
This command mounts the swapfile.
In your server /etc/fstab file, adding the following line to fstab file
/swapfile  swap      swap    defaults         0 0
Once done check whether swap is functioning or not
[root ~]# swapon -s
Your 1GB swap memory is ready!!

How to: Fix XML Parsing Error of WordPress Feed

AIM- “To fix error on line 2 at column 6: XML declaration allowed only at the start of the document”

Scenario – WordPress Feeds

Situation – Error



Symptom –  Due to whitespace before the beginning line of xml feed.

Problem – Either due to extra space after closing tag ?> in functions.php of your WordPress theme file.

Simple Fix (1 hour fix)- Try deactivating your theme and check your  for no more errors. If no error then theme is causing you the problem. So either find the whitespace in your php file and remove it. If it it not in functions.php, the error might be from any of the theme files.

Very very simple fix (1 minute fix)Add the following code to your functions.php of your theme.

function ___juniorhero_wp_whitespace_fix($input) {
	/* valid content-type? */
	$allowed = false;

	/* found content-type header? */
	$found = false;

	/* we mangle the output if (and only if) output type is text/* */
	foreach (headers_list() as $header) {
		if (preg_match("/^content-type:\\s+(text\\/|application\\/((xhtml|atom|rss)\\+xml|xml))/i", $header)) {
			$allowed = true;

		if (preg_match("/^content-type:\\s+/i", $header)) {
			$found = true;

	/* do the actual work */
	if ($allowed || !$found) {
		return preg_replace("/\\A\\s*/m", "", $input);
	} else {
		return $input;


Once you add the above code, boom the xml parsing error is gone. Enjoy your blogging days.

WordPress Fix “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”

Fix for WordPress “You Do Not Have Sufficient Permissions to Access This Page”


So you’ve created a local installation of your WordPress site. Now you have the WordPress “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” error.  Over and over no matter what you try. UGH!

There are dozens of blog posts with excellent solutions to this problem. But if you’ve been at WordPress for any length of time, you’ve probably discovered that  many of the hacks and tweaks that work for others just don’t fix your problem. It’s happened to me, too few days back. It is a weird situation when the admin itself is not allowed to access WordPress Admin Panel.


I tried many ways but still I got the error. But no matter what I did, I kept getting the dreaded WordPress “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” I knew it was a database permissions problem, but I just couldn’t get the right combinations of tweaks to work. The problem turned out to be incomplete WordPress admin user data because of corrupt tables.

I finally came up with the manual procedure that fixed my particular problem. Those troubleshooting steps are listed

But first, you might want to try using a different browser. A reader recently posted that he was getting this error with Firefox but was able to access his site using a different browser. Browser caching can definitely cause problems like this, so it’s a great tip to try first.

This error occurs if you moved your site or changed your WordPress table prefix

If that doesn’t help, enter the following SQL commands in your PHPmyAdmin to get back your access

UPDATE `wp_usermeta` SET `meta_key` = replace(`meta_key`, 'wp_test_', 'wp_');
UPDATE `wp_options` SET `option_name` = replace(`option_name`, 'wp_test_', 'wp_');


here the wp_test_ is your old WordPress table Prefix  and wp_ is your new WordPress Prefix.


Feel free to say thanks by dropping a comment below

How to Fix White Screen of Death WordPress

There are a few situations which can cause a WordPress installation bringing about the white screen of death. Much of the time we’ve seen as such, the white screen of death is not a WordPress issue, yet something else, for example, a plugin separating the WordPress blog.


We have encountered the white screen of death and how we troubleshooted it is through a unique way. First of all get FTP/SSH access to your WordPress Installation directory.


  1. Then rename wp-content/plugins directory to wp-content/plugin or something else. Now try reloading the site, if it works, a plugin is causing the problem. So enable the plugins one or two at a time and find which plugin is causing the problem and either remove it or get a new copy of plugin from wordpress repository.
  2. If no change occurs when renaming wp-content/plugins, rename the same with wp-content/themes and check. If still no change occurs, have a look on wp-config.php
  3. If you did a server change or changed the table prefix, then the white screen error is due to table change. Either create a new wordpress installation and copy data only of the below tables


WhatsApp Crosses 700 Million Users

Whatsapp has crossed an alternate turning point number, with founder Jan Koum publishing that the product has more than 700 million dynamic month to month users.

Whatsapp by Facebook
So in under a year, Whatsapp has included almost the same number of clients as Twitter has.
Snapchat, an alternate informing administration, is all the more tight lipped about its client numbers. That would show fast development if the report, from December 2013, effectively evaluated the quantity of month to month dynamic clients at 30 million—yet at the same time puts it a long ways behind Whatsapp.

Messages spilled by Sony programmers in November uncovered that Facebook had offered more than $3 billion to purchase Snapchat, affirming the informal community’s solid enthusiasm for the quickly developing field of messaging applications.

How to: 10 Ways to Speedup Chrome Browser

Speeding up chrome is never hard. Get it done Have you perceived your generally quick Google Chrome program backing off, or actually slamming on you? Unnecessary plugins, expansions, and actually searching information can ease your program off to a creep, or make it crash. Here’s the means by which to alter it. In this article, we’ll demonstrate to you best practices to impair plugins and expansions and clear scanning information to accelerate Chrome and keep it from smashing on you.




Disable Extensions

Type chrome://extensions/ on browser

Disable Plugins

Type chrome://plugins/ on browser

As a matter of course, when you introduce Google Chrome, numerous unnecessary plugins are introduced and empowered. Plugins help Chrome process uncommon sorts of substance, for example, Flash, Java, Silverlight, or Windows Media documents, however the majority of them aren’t even critical to your every day searching. Plugins can ease off the execution of Chrome, yet you can impair plugins you are not utilizing. You can securely cripple each and every plugin, except you may need to keep Flash empowered, as a ton of destinations use Flash to show menus, show features, and so forth. You can simply empower a plugin again in the event that you have to.

Yet the…

Expansions are little projects accessible in the Chrome Web Store that add additional gimmicks and usefulness to Chrome. They can be extremely helpful, however in the event that you wind up with a ton of augmentations introduced, the program’s velocity may be adversely influenced. You can undoubtedly incapacitate augmentations without uninstalling them to addition some pace.

Clear Browsing Data
In the Clear searching information dialog, select the things you need to clear and select a period range starting from the drop list. Click Clear browsing data to clear the info.

Close other running programs

As chrome creates separate process for every new tab, it can make your system go slow. So close all other programs if your chrome is responding slow.

Check whether your internet is fast

Sometimes your internet may slow down as a result pages may take time to load. Use Google DNS to solve this problem.

Update Google Chrome

Make sure your RAM has good capacity.

Keep atleast 4GB RAM in your system for smooth loading of apps if you are a multitasking guy.

If still your chrome is slow and want to access net like a rockstar use Firefox as an alternative.

Run Google Chrome with Administrator privileges

Sometimes your slow loading chrome problem could be solved with admin privilege as the process will be given higher priority by the processor.

Don’t open many tabs at once

Often opening many tabs leads to google chrome crash. so it is recommended to open only one tab every minute.

Use tabs in Incognito window

Since the plugins and extensions don’t load in Incognito window, any apps causing chrome to load won’t be loaded. Not only that no browser history or cache is actually stored. As a result you stay secure. Cool isn’t it?


All About Hike buying US Startup Zip Phone

Hike acquires Zip Phone, which was propelled all around in December 2012, is planning to grow its item go by wandering in the Internet-based correspondence space. Further giving indications about the development arrange, the child of Bharti Enterprises director Sunil Mittal said, “With the securing we make one more stride towards that mission.From the very beginning we’ve emphatically accepted that through correspondence we can bring India on the web. This is Hike’s first obtaining and is gone for extending its item extend in the Internet-based correspondence, the organization said in an announcement.  Interestingly, the organization was additionally piece of the Y Combinator rundown Summer Batch (2014). ”

hike app

“From the very beginning we’ve emphatically accepted that through correspondence, we can bring India on the web.
This is one of the top asked for gimmicks from clients too, he included adding that “we can hardly wait to dispatch this”.

Contending with any semblance of worldwide players like Whatsapp, LINE and Viber, Hike has a genuinely youthful client base with in excess of 90 every penny of them less than 25 years old and dwelling in India. The application has confined peculiarities, created remembering the infrastructural and social necessities, in the same way as Hike Offline, Hidden Mode, among others.

Lenovo A6000 Review Android 4.4 Smartphone

Lenovo A6000 is hitting CES 2015 hard with a considerable measure of fascinating new gadget advertisements and eclipsing a great deal of the opposition.

Nothing excessively dynamite, however introductory estimating puts the Lenovo A6000 gadget at $169 or under INR 10,000. At that cost tag the specs sheet is really noteworthy, considering that the A6000 will likewise accompany 4g LTE integration as two SIM cards.

lenovo a6000 smartphone
The quickly extending tech and particularly portable segment there has brought on a colossal blend among innovation titans and quickly impacting showcasing techniques and gadget lineups all around, actually energizing such significant wanders as Android One.

“We think the Indian purchasers will need to future-evidence themselves for when 4g administrations get to be more broad in nation. Purchasing a cell phone is an enormous choice including a sizeable bit of their disposable wage and they wouldn’t have any desire to take a risk.”

Starting evaluating data puts the gadget at $169 or under INR 10,000, yet Lenovo says the detail and also the value may me somewhat balanced by dispatch.

The organization has conveyed welcomes for an occasion in New Delhi, with a picture unmistakably indicating the cell phone’s 4g LTE abilities.

The cell phone declared at CES was given a sticker of $169 (generally Rs. 10,500), however Flipkart has affirmed the telephone will be valued “beneath Rs. 8,999. On the other hand, given the organization’s plan to contend with previously stated smartphones, its conceivable that the variation propelled in India will accompany this gimmick.

Key Features of Lenovo A6000 Review

  • 1.2 GHz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8916 Processor
  • 4G LTE
  • 8 MP Primary Camera
  • 2 MP Secondary Camera
  • Twin Speaker with Dolby Digital Plus
  • 5 inch HD IPS Display
  • Android v4.4 (KitKat)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Dual SIM
  • 1 year warranty


With dual cameras, a Quadcore Snapdragon processor and a 1GB RAM this is a phone worth to buy if you are looking to buy an android phone. For people with budget less than 10000, this is a phone you can buy with confidence to take up your 2015.

Buy Lenovo A6000 Android 4.4 Kitkat Smartphone from Flipkart for 30% discount now


Facebook Acquires QuickFire for Auto Playing Video

Facebook Video

This obtaining without a doubt indicates how genuine the organization is about incorporating features to their informal community.

Facebook clarified in a blog entry, how it is seeing a significant movement towards visual substance, particularly features. It uncovers that Facebook clients have been posting features all the more every now and again throughout the most recent year. As video posts have expanded by over 75% in  the world, it clarifies how users like to select videos as opposed to posting it in conventional ‘words’.

As patterns are changing, Facebook’s obtaining Quickfire will unquestionably enhance and accelerate the procedure and usefulness of features on their stage.

Re/Code called attention to that a piece of this procurement is because of Facebook’s method to advance feature, and the presentation of autoplay feature. A change to the calculation implies that the more feature you watch, the more feature Facebook will demonstrate to you.

This clarifies how the organization themselves need to elevate features to their users furthermore, clarifies how Facebook is setting themselves up to convey clients a decent experience. This innovation turns out to be gainful as the administration can layer features to lower bit rates without trading off on its quality and expand it without expanding record size.

The report additionally expressed that the Quickfire engineering could likewise help Facebook surface brilliant feature to clients in developing markets where Wi-Fi and cell information access are difficult to find.

As Facebook’s method incorporates elevating video administrations to its users, it could likewise take an offer of Google-claimed Youtube viewers which blossoms with features, totally. The organization could likewise adapt this administration at the appropriate time course of time to advance chose features. This example has additionally been trailed by Instagram.

Starting now, the deal has been positive for Facebook, and additionally for its users comprehensively.

Google Says Internet will Crash on June 30, 2015

Keeping in mind the end goal to record for the backing off of the Earth’s pivot, researchers have added one measly second to the logbook. Doesn’t have any kind of effect right? Google supposes it does. Thus, Google is purportedly making preemptive move for the same.


Despite the fact that scarcely anybody will understand it, the day will have 86,401 seconds rather than 86,400 seconds. The explanation behind the same is that the additional second cause machines to breakdown as more machines sync with atomic clocks today, in view of which, even the distinction of one second could make them glitch.

Further, Google has supposedly made sense of how to keep sites from slamming amid this time. The inquiry titan will be adding a millisecond to its framework clocks bit by bit, as opposed to stopping for a brief moment on the day. Subsequently, the machines will be revised after some time and won’t need to tally that second twice. Lets hope internet don’t crash that day