WordPress is the most popular blogging software. Over 25 million people uses WordPress to run their blogs. It is the best Open Source CMS and has bagged numerous awards. Everyday thousands of newbies are using WordPress not just to run blogs but entire sites and portals. ‚ Matthew Mullenweg founded Automattic and created the delightful WordPress leading to the formation of ‘Blogging Industry’. Even CNN, The New York Times, NASA, Harvard University uses WordPress to power their portals.

WP 3.0 has been downloaded 16 million times. WordPress plugin directory has nearly 12,000 plugins and over 120 million plugin downloads. There are about 1000 themes and 22 million theme downloads.

How to install a WordPress plugin?

Traditional way of installing ‚ a WP plugin.

  1. Find the Plugin.
  2. Download the WP plugin.
  3. Upload it to /wp-content/plugins.
  4. Activate it.
  5. Configure it and see if the plugin is working or not.

Advantage: Search is effective and it is easy to find plugins.

Limitation: You must be an advanced user and it consumes a lot of time, and often messes up.

WP built-in way of installing a Plugin.

  1. Go to WP-admin -> Plugins -> Add New -> Search.
  2. Search the plugin.
  3. Install the Plugin.

Advantage: Find and add plugins directly from your WP-admin panel.

Limitation: Rarely it works, root of server needs to be writable and ‚ search is not effective like the search in the WP-plugins directory.

So both the Traditional and inbuilt WordPress plugin installation methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is a bookmarklet which is a combination of advantages of traditional and inbuilt method .

New way of installing a WP plugin.

  1. Drag the bookmarklet from the following page to your bookmarks bar:Install WP Plugin.
  2. Browse plugins on WordPress Plugin Directory.
  3. Go to the main page of the plugin eg:Akismet.
  4. Click on the Bookmarklet.
  5. Automatically, this tool appears with options – Plugin Slug and WordPress URL”. Enter your WordPress directory url eg:http://juniorhero.com.

  1. Click on “Install” Plugin.
  2. A page with the details of plugin appears. Click on “Install Now”.

Developer View of this bookmarklet.

It creates a url like: http://coveredwebservices.com/wp-plugin-install/?plugin=akismet where akismet is the slug of plugin in the WP plugins directory.

This is the easiest and fastest way to install WordPress plugins without ever getting messed up and knowing much about WordPress Plugin installation. This bookmarklet is very useful for web developers and coders as it helps to add plugins very quickly according to the taste of the client.

Add the bookmarklet : Install WP Plugin and Enjoy.

Do let us know which method do you use normally to install plugins? Tell us whether this wordpress bookmarklet is useful to you?