How to Access Blocked Websites Easily

If you are working in office or studying at a university or school then many of the sites would be blocked for the safety and productivity of the workers. In many of the colleges sites including porn sites as well as social media websites are blocked. If you want to access blocked Facebook account from the same system, then you need to bypass the blocking of the website. More technically, blocking of websites or services is done either by IP filtering or domain blocking by using filters as well as firewalls. So to by bypass the blocking of website follow the methods below.


By using a Web Proxy, which opens the blocked website with the server IP and shows it to you. It is like the server act as intermediate between you and the blocked website. Personally I prefer to use HideMyass it is a very reliable and safe web proxy. So if you are in any country that blocks some sites you can access it by using Web Proxy.‚  So to use it just go to the web proxy and enter the blocked site url and access it


Another way is to use Proxy server which are in form of an IP Address and a port number. eg :



So to use such a proxy server enter it into the Internet Settings panel of your browser just like as shown in figure below




Now if the site is still blocked then you can use Google Cache pages to open the site. Google Cache maintains copies of every page, so if you want to access go to and enter and Press GO.


Hence you can unblock all the blocked websites and enjoy Facebook at office even if it is blocked.

Hope you can now access that blocked website, don’t mind commenting below my help guaranteed.

How to choose the web hosting that suits

Millions of websites are born daily. They come out from a domain and web hosting. If you want your site to have the best characters and good qualities, your host must be nice too. Never trust any host blindly. If you chose a web hosting that is trusted and have good experience, then you do not have to worry but what if you are on a poor rated, cheap hosting with lot of inefficiency and tough condition for the site to stay alive.

web hosting

Giving a nice host to your website is same as buying stuffs that your girlfriend likes.  Everyone is happy when they get good things. But the problem is How to choose?  There was a time when web hosting companies were monopolies with same prices and capacity. But with the coming of a new web hosting service, things have changed far better. Now you can select your site provider with ease and get the most relevant host which in turn using your site hosting fully without paying extra for unused and unwanted features and services.  This site has a well-built contextual based review platform.  You can get the top web hosts based on their

  • Web Hosting features
  • Uptime
  • Customer support
  • Webmaster and Consumer reviews
  • Price
  • Years in this web business


How to find the perfect host?

  1. Selecting your web hosting is no more a bad dream. Just follow my quick steps -
  2. Select the hosting type either by framework, script or platform.
  3. Enter the approximate daily traffic your site could get.
  4. Click on the search button.
  5. That’s it.  You will get the best host that’s relevant to your demand.

Currently there are about 60 web hosting sites listed. Isn’t that a big thing?  When we google  to find the best site file storage provider, we could see possibly top 10 web hosts and mostly repeated on every hosting review site which are either costly or doesn’t suit our needs.

So if you want to start blogging. Just select ” WordPress Hosting”  from their platform list and mention average users/day and search. Finally you will get the best web hosting for your blog. That’s how we can find the best website to store your WordPress blog. So choose the right provider and start your own website that succeeds in the right path.

Please drop a comment if you have any host and domain related queries. I could get you exclusive coupons and discounts to make sure you spend less to start out blogging and fly up. Could you please share with us your past or present experiences with any web hosting provider company?

7 tips to promote your business online

Making money online, just like any other brand, products and services, will need effective marketing plan to reach your potential customers to let them know that you are there. Here are some of the best marketing tips that you must follow to increase the traffic to your website, which will help you to increase your clients and sales of your services and products.

Here we go,

1. Make use of PPC:

Despite many marketers knowing about pay-per-click, not many are making the best use of these programmes, but there are hundreds of sites who still offer such programmes. If you choose the correct websites, that offer targeted advertising on a pay per click basis and if you find your online money-making business working well, and then cling on to it.

2. Write Articles:

This is one of the excellent ways to promote your online business to be recognized in the virtual world, as stated by all internet business experts. It is very easy for people to blog of their own these days and can hire writers to get articles about their website be written in an attractive way for boosting the business. If this being the case, then submit few of your articles on article directories and promote your business through these directories.

3. Pay Per Sale:

Pay per sale is a no risk advertising programme, for your online business for selling your products and services that you will not require paying unless a sale has been made. This is a no risk and no loss program as some of the related programs are affiliate programming and joint ventures.

4. Free Online Forum:

Forums are places where people of similar interests and requirements discuss on varied topics like clubs and parties. This way, online forums are places to let people to know more about your business, in addition to marketing your business products and services. These are the opportunities for you to develop joint ventures.

5. Search Engine Optimizations:

This is no secret on how to get your website higher in the search engine searches that you will be noticed for providing services. These are major sources of bringing in traffic and sales of your products and services to your website.

6. Give something as a complementary gift:

Giving away freebies like some of your new products for trial and order or freebies like e-books, software and many more that you do offline, like mail-in rebate, promotional offers will help you get noticed. This will probably help in not only increasing your website traffic and search engine rankings, but also will help in selling your products and services and in establishing long-term relationships. This will not cost you a big money, even you can buy things in discounts and give as gifts.

7. Guest Blogging:

This is one of the novice ways to promote your business online using a computer and internet connection. Some blogs allow the fellow blogger to publish content with links back to them and get feedback from people who read them. By this way your product gets popular and this is a good way to make some money using revenue sharing program.

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Author Bio:

Praveen is a known blogger in the blogosphere who is sharing promotion code and Hostrocket promotion code for the benefits of the user.

6 ways to promote your Blogs and Articles

When you are trying to make money by blogging using the system of advertising revenue sharing systems, then there are certain important criteria that you need to remember for being a successful monetizing blogger.

Let us discuss here some of the important aspects of blogging, which will help you to both popularize and make better monetization out of your blog.

1. Write compelling text:

To get and keeping the visitors of your blog engaged reading your articles, and force them to come back again to your website, is only by one means and that is writing compelling articles each time. Here in the blogging world, quantity and quality is both important, and therefore, to make your blogging career write more meaningful articles and good articles, which will help you to have dedicated readers and maintain their interest.

2. Use the convenience of article directories:

Just like how yellow pages will be promoting your business, this is also important that you should submit your blog articles to a number of other popular sites called article directories, which often fetches you better search engine ranking for your articles. When you create back links from these articles submitted to these directories, then you will find your blog fetching better traffic and more visitors. You can do this vice versa also.

3. Use comments section:

The use of comment section is a very simple but an effective tool for bringing traffic to your blog. This is the best place where you can initiate and discuss more about what you have written in your blog, and do not forget to respond back to your readersƒ¢¢â€š¬¢â€ž¢ comments. This is the best place to show your readers that you are interactive and is the best place for a two-way conversation about what you have written. This way the readers will feel like coming back to your blog and you will be having your cake of building dedicated readers. This is also one of the best ways to create the contents that search engines are looking for, making you to have the creamy layer of the cake.

4. Create outbound links:

Creating outbound links is both positive and negative for your website, and this is the best way to drive traffic from other websites, by creating outbound links of other websites, many will not like this, for this will carry the readers away to other pages. How this is going to help you will depend on the content and the mindset of your readers, the trick here is to be inconsistent in creating outbound links, so that carry your traffic to the same website, which is a competing website to you every time.

5. SEO your blogs:

Use relevant keywords using various keyword-generating tools from Google and other search engine websites, and add tags and Meta tags to your website. This is one of the major things that you need to do with care, as these days Google has become stringent with the quality of the content as it could not be compromised in the name of search engine optimization and stuffing keywords.

6. Use RSS feed:

Many readers use RSS to make life simple and convenient, and therefore, this is necessary that you isolate a place for the RSS feed icon on each page of your blog, so that the readers could add your blog to their RSS readers and these feed subscribers will be able to generate newer content, without the painful task of coming to your website every time to read the article that they want, rather you will be informing them of your new articles, once subscribed.

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