How to Play Youtube Videos Without Ads

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website online owned by Google. Everyone loves to watch videos on YouTube as we can watch the favorite programs online at our convenient time and comfort zone. Nowadays if we look into videos we see more advertisements than videos and the worst thing is we don’t have any options to skip ad and we need to watch the ad at least for‚  30 seconds if we are watching a‚  lot of videos.


If ads come on YouTube it make no difference than your Cable and Digital TV. Well that’s how Google and Publishers earn money from you, but for we streamers it is difficult as our broadband connections in India are so slow and often it takes some time to load and most of the time we waste our time streaming and watch ads of no interest and value for you.


Well to drop such a situation, streaming YouTube videos by VLC Media Player makes sense. VLC media player is a freeware windows application available for download online. Once you download and install the application, the magic happens!



Open the VLC Media Player, Click on Media > Open Network Stream. A window opens for entering network url, enter the YouTube video url and click Play.




VLC‚  Media Player has compatible applications for MAC, Android as well

Trust me you will never see ads on the YouTube video again, enjoy the show with Popcorn and cool drinks :)

Touch the Future with HP DreamScreen 400

The hp dreamscreen powered by innovative Intel technology brings you the best of internet. This new easy-to-use internet device gives you and your family full entertainment, education for your children and brings your whole family together with the integrated video chat facility. A brighter future is waiting, a future where dreams come true.In just a touch, the applications in DreamScreen will open up new opportunities for everyone in your family. It’s a new innovative product of 2011 and can be sure that many will love it.

hp dreamscreen

Technical Features of HP DreamScreen

  • 18.5 inch wide-screen with touch
  • Weighs about 7.2 kg
  • Supports English and Hindi language
  • Intel Processor
  • DreamScreen can detect Wi-Fi signals too
  • 250 GB Hard Disk Capacity
  • Can store about 32000 songs or 64000 pictures
  • Built-in speakers and microphone
  • 4 USB Ports
  • DVD / CD Optical drives
  • SD Card slot
  • 1.3 Megapixel webcam
  • Support for Microsoft Office 2007
  • Compatible with Airtel wireless internet and Tata Photon internet sticks.
  • Connect your keyboard and mouse. (optional)


Features in HP Dream Screen -



Hear and download songs in about 15 languages from the inbuilt HP DreamScreen music facility.

Watch movies anytime anywhere even in your bed at the time you want.

You can download movies to your HP DreamScreen and can be watched at your convenient timings.

hp dreamscreen is preloaded with over 100 games for you to play and sharpen your skills on any game.

Connect your digital camera and transfer your photos and videos in a touch to your HP DreamScreen. You can easily make slide shows of your family moments with music in background and embedded videos to form a full family experience.

Without HDMI cables, you can watch Bollywood TV and know your stars latest gossips, news, music, trailers and full-time movies. All in your DreamScreen

Make use of your inbuilt DVD player to watch movies as well as play out your MP3 collections.




Watch your kids get better grade with HP DreamScreen. It has multimedia content which can boost your child’s abilities as well as do tests and polls to know the topic better. It support all syllabus¯¿½and make sure your child doesn’t learn it but know it.




From a touch of your DreamScreen you are carried to Australia and African jungles with exotic content. Not just that watch news on Hindi or english. All cricket addicts can get latest score updates. If your mom or sister want to make some yummy dishes just tune to DreamScreen and see the dish of the day as well as search for dishes.




Live Darshan makes it possible to watch Aarti or any Pooja’s from your home with full satisfaction and happiness as if God is in our home.

Want to know the latest hot trends, Wedding dresses and Jewellery available in market? Just go to the Wedding section of HP DreamScreen. It shows latest sarees, jewellery, bags and everything you need.

There is none who do not want to know their Astrology. DreamScreen brings daily astrology updates at the comfort of your home.




hp dreamscreen has inbuilt Camera to do live video chat with your friends and family. It can connect up to 3 families at the same time. It is very simple to use as even your grand parents can touch it and dial the number and do video chatting with your family at abroad. So that they see their grand children growing their small body.

Like the computer’s we use, HP DreamScreen has regular browser to check emails, chat, check instant messages on social networking sites as well as watch YouTube videos.




This part contains the most needed features for everyone in your family. You can pay bills, book tickets, make documents and spreadsheets. Now forget waiting in long queues to pay bills, pay it all at the comfort of your home. You can pay electricity bills, phone bills, gas, DTH, Insurance, Magazine subscriptions and do e-tax filling all at your home.


DreamScreen is priced at RS 20,999. But any local retailer can get you at lower prices. You can buy it online from the HP DreamScreen website and pay with your Credit card, Indian Debit Card and any online bank account.

We hope that DreamScreen will be useful to you. Please drop comments if you want to know anything else about this product.