Google’s URL shortener, is available publicly. is the most stable, secure and fastest URL shortener on the web. On December of 2009, Google introduced the URL shortener project as a part of Feedburner and Google toolbar.  Later they introduced it  in the popular Google services like Blogger, Picasa Web Albums and Google Maps . is the most dominating URL shortener till date.  It is sure that Google will dominate  among short url services. Majority of Internet power users trust the brand Google and is confident of short urls as it protects against malware, phishing and spam.

Why you should use  Google short url service?.

  • Stability – Robust google servers are  stable and 100% uptime.
  • Speed – Google’s technology is being  improved continuously and speed doubled is  within 9  months.
  • Security – Gmail has world’s best spam detection technology and Google short url service uses this anti-spam technology.

Features of Google short url service.

  1. Google is a trusted and long-lasting brand.
  2.  uses 301 redirect which flows link juice and  backlinks.
  3. Google Short link tracks clicks, countries, browsers, platforms, referrers and saves it for future use.
  4. A QR code for every link is generated which can be read by mobile phones and scanners.
  5. Google will soon integrate with Google Analytics.
  6. Google API will be released soon and  sharing of links becomes easier.

How to shorten long url?

  1. Just go to and paste your url to shorten the long url.
  2. If you are a Google chrome browser user, you can shorten easily with URL shortener or Shareaholic for google chrome extension and  Mozilla Firefox users,  install the lite extension.

How to see statistics of your link ?

I would love to hear your opinion about this post and do let us know which is your favourite URL shortener?