How To Convert Image To Text Without OCR Software

Most of the time we wish‚  if the text in the images are converted to readable text which we can either copy paste or do changes and add it to documents we wanted to. But most of the time we either need a scanner and OCR software to read the text from the documents , most of the time it is complicated process.

Sometimes it isn’t cool if we can take the scan with a mobile camera and do the optical character recognition in less than second?‚  Yes, here comes another use for Microsoft OneDrive, which can do a OCR process as we upload any document.



So if we have a JPG or any format picture of a printed text, upload it to OneDrive by signing into your Microsoft account. Once the file is upload open it, on the right side of the file we can see the text recognized from the uploaded document.

I have tried many other OCR softwares, but those recognitions seems not correct as in the OneDrive. Do try it out and give me a feedback



How to Prevent Computer From Sleeping

Whether it is your computer or you, both the creatures love to sleep if you feel tired, lazy or out of mood. Well when you feel sleepy to be awake, you would be having coffee or watching that Sunny Leone or Mr Bean Show that switches off your boredom from the time you think about that. Well when you think about that with regard to computers they too feel sleepy if we don’t do any activity or not use their brain. It sounds cool because it saves a lot of power being wasted due to non-usage of the system, but at a same time it feels annoyed especially to we technology loving people.


Usually we never switch off the system because most of the time we would be downloading programs and movie and we never intend to switch that internet off if we are using an unlimited internet plan. While I was moving across Microsoft forum, I found many people are having problem with their system that sleeps at every moment of inactivity. I saw a lot of ways to fix the problem including changing the settings on Control > Power Management but the solution seem not easy as it seem and most of time it is not solving the problem.


Well then I thought for an innovative solution and came up with simple analysis of problem. A computer never goes to sleep if there is activity either from Mouse or Keyboard, isn’t that right? So if we can automate the action of mouse or keyboard we are able to prevent system from sleeping.


There comes Mouse Jiggler a 53 KB, windows portable application which let you automate the motion of mouse backward and forth by a pixel which your eyes can’t visualise, you can continue to work even with this application running and forget about setting power management stuff. Next time if you want to download anything, run this app and worry no more.

Run the app and click on “Enable jiggle?” to make the mouse start jiggling

How to Play Youtube Videos Without Ads

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website online owned by Google. Everyone loves to watch videos on YouTube as we can watch the favorite programs online at our convenient time and comfort zone. Nowadays if we look into videos we see more advertisements than videos and the worst thing is we don’t have any options to skip ad and we need to watch the ad at least for‚  30 seconds if we are watching a‚  lot of videos.


If ads come on YouTube it make no difference than your Cable and Digital TV. Well that’s how Google and Publishers earn money from you, but for we streamers it is difficult as our broadband connections in India are so slow and often it takes some time to load and most of the time we waste our time streaming and watch ads of no interest and value for you.


Well to drop such a situation, streaming YouTube videos by VLC Media Player makes sense. VLC media player is a freeware windows application available for download online. Once you download and install the application, the magic happens!



Open the VLC Media Player, Click on Media > Open Network Stream. A window opens for entering network url, enter the YouTube video url and click Play.




VLC‚  Media Player has compatible applications for MAC, Android as well

Trust me you will never see ads on the YouTube video again, enjoy the show with Popcorn and cool drinks :)

How to Download Youtube Videos as MP3 Audio Files

Everyone including you and me prefers to watch videos on YouTube, Daily billions of videos are buffered by millions of users over internet. Most of the time you may need to download those videos as MP3 for listening on your mp3 device or making it a caller tuner on your own phone.‚ 

There are lot of softwares and online tools for converting YouTube videos to mp3, but they differ by the speed of performance especially in the time taken for conversion from videos to mp3. Most of softwares for this purpose are not freeware either but trial versions with ads, not just that we need to download the software first to do the video conversion.

The YouTube to Mp3 Converter tool takes is all a millisecond for converting your favourite Michael Jackson album. This conversion takes the same time taken by light to propagate to air, interesting facts isn’t it ??

Youtube Video as Mp3 Download

To Convert a Youtube video to mp3, just enter the YouTube video url and click on Convert Video. The Video will be converted to mp3 with an mp3 download link. Click on the download link to download the file.

Only limit is this tool can be used to download videos of up to 20 minute only. This is an ideal tool to download music albums

Hope you the like the tool and do tell me your reviews on the above service.

Geekchart knows the Social networks you love : social media tool

There isn’t a geek who doesn’t use the social media sites to stay social as well as to live updated. Mostly every geek have an account on the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Digg or Delicious. Some are very addicted to Twitter, some loves Facebook, while some others hates wasting time on these social sites instead concentrate on blogging, that’s what a professional blogger do. But have you ever checked your activity on these sites? Bringing your likeness data on a Pie Chart and compare these networking sites with your likes and dislikes.

social media tool

GeekChart is definitely a new service of its kind which makes it possible to compare your likeness on these social sites and embed it on your blogs and pages. Isn’t this service itself geeky? Yes it do. Geek Charts are a way to show where you share online as well as show off your presence on these social media networking real-time sites.

How Geek Chart Works?

Geek Chart service shows up your activity on these sites based on the last 30 days. If you haven’t been active during this time period, the chart won’t even actually show up. As time moves, Geek Chart accumulates all your likeness share and reflect more accurate charts which can really help you find the sites you like. It is generated completely based on your activity.

Geek Chart currently tracks Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Delicious, Digg, Stumbleupon and your blog feed as well. Facebook is an upcoming feature of the site. We can hope they will add Facebook to their site.

How to Use GeekChart?

Go to‚ geekchart.com/try and enter your usernames on the social networking sites and press “Make My Chart”. That’s it your chart is generated. Now if you want to track your liking to these sites throughout your lifetime or want to embed on your Technology or Personal blog, sign up on the site.