Get Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 Genuine License Key for Free

Get a Free Genuine Bitdefender internet security license key for free now. This is time of high online usage including using of social accounts and opening of emails, the chance of spreading infections is faster than it seems before. About 50% higher is the chance of online infections than last year, so it is necessary to stay protected from the world of data stealing, pornography and protecting your kids as they take the cyber journey.


BitDefender security is proved to be faster than all other internet security products including security to your private data and make sure all your transactions remains protected. During a test conducted by a cyber research organisation, they found Bitdefender to be extremely performing than all other internet security programs. With over 400 million users that use Bitdefender to protect their information, they are‚  the most used internet security package ever.

PC Magazine of 2014 has rated Bitdefender as #1 Internet Security program. With the addition of Bitdefender safepay, all your banking transactions stay safe from wrong hands. Bitdefender autopilot answers all security related questions itself, so you are being protected in the best way possible.


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Remove spyware and malicious softwares with microsoft Safety Scanner

Microsoft has released a portable standalone security software “Safety Scanner” which scans and removes all viruses, spyware and malicious softwares. If you think that your computer has any virus, then this is the most effective solution to scan and destroy every devil on your PC.

microsoft safety scannerMicrosoft Security tool includes no-real time protection and it is not an alternative to your antivirus program. It can be run along and can be used to kill tough Trojans and blasting programs which can crack your whole computer system. Since the new version is Portable, you do not need to install. All you have to do is download the file and execute it in your Windows system.

So when you launch the program, it shows up three main options – quick scan, full scan and custom scan. If you want to the program to do the scanning fast, it’s better to go with quick scan which actually scans the whole file system while it will miss and skip many files too. If you know the folder where the infected files exists, locate that infection by passing through custom scan.

Before installing new programs and connecting your friend’s pen drive, do a full system scan to make sure your system is safe. Microsoft released this program to be used with Microsoft Security Suite.

Size of Safety Scanner package is 70MB. This package has a specialty that is the program can live for maximum 10 days. After that you must get a new copy of the program as Microsoft says, they regularly update their database and update the software. So try Microsoft safety scanner software right now and bookmark this link for future when your computer get’s infected by deadly viruses.

Link: ¯¿½Microsoft Safety Scanner