How to Convert HTML Webpage to PDF online for Free

Most of the time you must be surfing either on Wikipedia or any other informational site for your projects and assignments. Well it is more comfortable if you can download those pages as a PDF file so that you can refer and understand the topics any of your devices whether you are online or offline.

To convert web pages as PDF isn’t hard as you think, all you to do is to start surfing online and enjoy reading those pages which you may be interested in presenting it to the next college presentation day or do the research which you were dreaming of doing it for long time. Well to save those pages as PDF, just follow the steps below

Convert Webpages to PDF for Free Online

  1. Go to the webpage you want to download as PDF
  2. Copy the webpage URL
  3. Enter the URL in URL textbox.
  4. Click on Get PDF
  5. Your PDF is ready for download and print.


Well that’s all you have to do to download those webpages as PDF. Technology is best understood when we simplify it, so is JuniorHero tutorials. It can’t get simpler than this.

Go check HTML to PDF out now

How to Play Youtube Videos Without Ads

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website online owned by Google. Everyone loves to watch videos on YouTube as we can watch the favorite programs online at our convenient time and comfort zone. Nowadays if we look into videos we see more advertisements than videos and the worst thing is we don’t have any options to skip ad and we need to watch the ad at least for‚  30 seconds if we are watching a‚  lot of videos.


If ads come on YouTube it make no difference than your Cable and Digital TV. Well that’s how Google and Publishers earn money from you, but for we streamers it is difficult as our broadband connections in India are so slow and often it takes some time to load and most of the time we waste our time streaming and watch ads of no interest and value for you.


Well to drop such a situation, streaming YouTube videos by VLC Media Player makes sense. VLC media player is a freeware windows application available for download online. Once you download and install the application, the magic happens!



Open the VLC Media Player, Click on Media > Open Network Stream. A window opens for entering network url, enter the YouTube video url and click Play.




VLC‚  Media Player has compatible applications for MAC, Android as well

Trust me you will never see ads on the YouTube video again, enjoy the show with Popcorn and cool drinks :)

How to Change MAC Address of Network Adaptor & LAN Card

Being living in 2014, you can expect each and everyone is tracked deeply in each of their online activities, so this is right time to secure yourself from the eyes who are closely tracking you in realtime, Trust me google knows each and every activity you do online including your ip address, your location, browsing sites, watching habits, not just that it reads through your emails using their own built detection mechanism that tracks the activities and passes it to their filters, so to trigger in case of terrorist or illegal activities. So whether you do something good online, you are still being spied by NSA’s and other legal bodies. Network Security In this article, I will share how to change MAC address of your device to something of your choice so that you can cheat those who spy on you to the level they can’t think or never achieve upon. In the upcoming articles, I will share with you how to secure your browser, use proxy, use VPN and other defensive mechanisms that secures yourself from the devils of the internet. So to change your MAC address, all you do is download is TMAC ‚ which is a freeware virus free software and start using according to the steps I mention. The ‚ good thing is you change your MAC address irrespective of your NIC manufacturer or drivers, this works with devices of all kinds. What this software does is that it changes the hard cored value software in the firmware of the adaptor by editing the registry values of our system. Believe me we can’t do that registry edit without a software like TMAC, so TMAC can significantly help us in changing MAC address of our choice. TMAC MAC Adress Changer It works on IPv6 as well as on windows 7 and windows 8 operating systems. So to change MAC address follow the steps below

  1. Start TMAC which will list all your network adaptors.
  2. Select the adaptor you want to change the MAC address
  3. In the information tab you can see the current MAC address of the device including the details of Active as well as Original MAC address
  4. Type the MAC address of your choice to change MAC address column, or for a random accepted value by the system click on the Random MAC Address.
  5. After you have set the MAC address of your choice, you can either choose to make MAC address persistent, don’t worry if you want to change all you have to do is come back to this application and click on activate original mac address. It is always under your control.
  6. Use ’02’ as octet is optional, you don’t have to set those options to make it working.
  7. Click on Change Now.
  8. Your new MAC address will be set and you can go to Networking Center from Control Panel and click on settings of adaptor and see if the MAC address is changed or not, it would be changed for sure.
  9. Now Enjoy!!

Download this app from CNET now —-> Download Link

How To Send Free National International SMS Online

WhatsApp, Facebook and other alternatives are there but still SMS is used so much by the people at least for texting their loved ones when they are not online or not picking up the call or wants to wish them during celebration days. It is almost cool as we do a 140 tweet ‚ but for every message you have to empty your pockets, thanks to network providers they come with SMS packs that are affordable for the youth who text heavily. But with the internet, you don’t have to pay a buck for the sms because you can send it all online.‚ Believe Me, we can send even international free online not just limited to United states, even to gulf countries.

Way2SMS is #1 free sms provider of India. It has clearly beaten all the similar free sms sites, all it takes is less than 1 second for the recipient to get the message. ‚ For start using all you have to do is to go to the site and click on Register and enter your personal details including your mobile number in which Way2Sms sends a confirmation code to verify your authenticity. Once you ‚ have provided the genuine confirmation you can start using the service.

Send Free SMS Online

There are separate option to Send SMS to a‚ person or to a group, All you to do is the enter the 10 digit mobile number and enter your message in 140 characters and click send your message will be delivered in less than 10 seconds normally.

For Sending international SMS, click on Free International SMS on Way2SMS tab then you have to login to your Facebook account, then enter the mobile number with country code and then the message and click send. Currently Way2SMS support sending sms to 209 countries for Free, Isn’t that cool?? ‚ It is an achievement in the trait of sending of free sms online.

We users can send any number of messages online, without spending a single penny from the pockets we can get send sms like we own the service provider. Not just that it provides the feature of sending sms in future termed “Future SMS”, all you have to do is the set the day and time in hour:minutes then forget it. You can use it as a reminder for yourself, so that even if you forget something important, it reminds isn’t that cool.

01-01-2014 04-08-16 AM

Also there is an address book feature where you can save your friends number in the form of Name, Number and add it to groups, but be careful since all those numbers are used up marketing agencies and if you check those numbers in TrueCaller, (a mobile number search engine for finding name of the mobile number user) you will be shocked to see the name you have given will be showing on TrueCaller, seems truecaller directly fetches mobile number usernames directly from Way2SMS, but it is a corporate thing neither of our business, so it is better to keep those numbers stored either in the phone or in an Excel sheet or in any phonebook software or in VCF formats.

The good thing is Way2SMS has apps for Android, Blackberry, Apple iPhone devices. So download them and use them along in your phone, so you don’t have to store or type those numbers again, you can directly fetch mobile numbers from your phones adressbook.

So start sending SMS online, if you meet any problem please drop me a comment, I would be happy to solve your issue rightaway. I have used this service myself and I’m still using it, it is too good for sending SMS especially it’s reliability is awesome.


After all Happy New Year 2014 to you :)

[TESTED] DreamHost Hosting Review 2013

DreamHost could be your soul-hosting you might have been searching for a long time, So give it a try. I have been using DreamHost for over 4 years and till now I didn’t experience anything bad from them, Only one-time I had a a downtime of 1 minute (1 Minute is nothing) which was well informed, so I did inform my‚ subscribers‚ too.
When I was a beginner in the internet, I didn’t know nothing about running a blog/site, DreamHost gave me the tutorials and some of the DreamHost guys, setup a WordPress blog themselves for me another time my hacked blog was completely replaced by them. Once I started a startup online and I just informed them about the startup and what they did was posted about the startup in their pages and newsletter, I got an instant rush of about 100k customers. DreamHost guys are really cool and they mean it.Unlike Hostgator whose live chat takes hours to get connected and Bluehost with no live chats which are unreliable, Dreamhost is doing a better job in helping the customers.


Global warming will lead to end of earth and every hosting is contributing to worser environment, as a human aren’t you concerned about it? If Yes, choose DreamHost they are 100% Environment friendly hosting with no carbon emissions and footprints, You can proudly say to friends, “My hosting is Environment friendly”
[maxbutton id=”1″] What if you want to start a online store, DreamHost has a ready made store made for you, all you have to do is enter your url address and online store is ready to sell your things, Unlike other opensource and paid online store softwares, this is completely unhackable and you can have a peace of mind
Still not impressed? To every penny we pay for DreamHost they pay a part to charities and children who didn’t eat food for over a month :( So buying this hosting make you feel even better.
Technical Specifications

  • Disk Storage Unlimited TB
  • Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited TB
  • Domains Hosted Unlimited
  • Full Shell / SSH / FTP / SFTP Users Unlimited
  • E-Mail Accounts (POP/IMAP/Webmail) Unlimited
  • MySQL 5 Databases Unlimited
  • Operating System Debian Linux
  • DreamHost Own Cloud Services
  • 97-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • DreamHost 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • One click installer


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Remember you can even upgrade to VPS or Dedicated hosting according to your needs, The reason why we recommend DreamHosting is due to its 100% uptime and commitment in web hosting service with a 97 days money back guarantee which no hosting ever gives.
This is completely from my personal experience, You won’t feel bad ever this is my promise. If you have any doubts or need assistance in setting up your DreamHost, comment here
Kindly share and tell this to your friends as well.
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7 tips to promote your business online

Making money online, just like any other brand, products and services, will need effective marketing plan to reach your potential customers to let them know that you are there. Here are some of the best marketing tips that you must follow to increase the traffic to your website, which will help you to increase your clients and sales of your services and products.

Here we go,

1. Make use of PPC:

Despite many marketers knowing about pay-per-click, not many are making the best use of these programmes, but there are hundreds of sites who still offer such programmes. If you choose the correct websites, that offer targeted advertising on a pay per click basis and if you find your online money-making business working well, and then cling on to it.

2. Write Articles:

This is one of the excellent ways to promote your online business to be recognized in the virtual world, as stated by all internet business experts. It is very easy for people to blog of their own these days and can hire writers to get articles about their website be written in an attractive way for boosting the business. If this being the case, then submit few of your articles on article directories and promote your business through these directories.

3. Pay Per Sale:

Pay per sale is a no risk advertising programme, for your online business for selling your products and services that you will not require paying unless a sale has been made. This is a no risk and no loss program as some of the related programs are affiliate programming and joint ventures.

4. Free Online Forum:

Forums are places where people of similar interests and requirements discuss on varied topics like clubs and parties. This way, online forums are places to let people to know more about your business, in addition to marketing your business products and services. These are the opportunities for you to develop joint ventures.

5. Search Engine Optimizations:

This is no secret on how to get your website higher in the search engine searches that you will be noticed for providing services. These are major sources of bringing in traffic and sales of your products and services to your website.

6. Give something as a complementary gift:

Giving away freebies like some of your new products for trial and order or freebies like e-books, software and many more that you do offline, like mail-in rebate, promotional offers will help you get noticed. This will probably help in not only increasing your website traffic and search engine rankings, but also will help in selling your products and services and in establishing long-term relationships. This will not cost you a big money, even you can buy things in discounts and give as gifts.

7. Guest Blogging:

This is one of the novice ways to promote your business online using a computer and internet connection. Some blogs allow the fellow blogger to publish content with links back to them and get feedback from people who read them. By this way your product gets popular and this is a good way to make some money using revenue sharing program.

Comments are always appreciated!!

Author Bio:

Praveen is a known blogger in the blogosphere who is sharing promotion code and Hostrocket promotion code for the benefits of the user.