Government Taps Vodafone Phone Calls in India

Don’t get amazed if you are a Vodafone phone user in Asian countries such as India, the mobile operator Vodafone has allowed the Government of India to snoop on phone calls made in Vodafone network, literally that means users of other network are also tapped as you may be a BSNL user calling your friend on a Vodafone number hence your call with him is also recorded.

Edward Snowden

This is shocking as the users didn’t know they were being traced as such and direct by government. So like Aircel being shut down in South India, may be the Vodafone too has to shut down the services as the user base will start falling very soon. So if you are planning to move to Vodafone think twice before you make that move and move to some other trusted network.

Well Edward Snowden has revealed something even more shocking, thanks to people like him at least we are coming to know the secrets of government. But the authorities are not happy with his announcements as it helps terrorist to be more careful and alert.

How to get Startup Idea

Now every youngster wants to start a startup just like there was a period when every teen wants to become doctor or engineer. Starting a startup is not easy as you think, to do that you need an idea that could solve a problem humans are facing. May be a million startups already on the globe but only few thousands of them are really successful. ‚ Definition of startup success is different for everyone it may vary from having a flat bank balance, a million users, global coverage, startup being used by celebs and famous personalities or may be personal satisfaction.


The startup visionaries says to get a startup idea, you don’t have to think and invent something, all you to do is get your backpacks and go to places where you have been never, I would say the best place to go is to remote villages of India where is no water or electricity and people leading a miserable life. For people like us connected to internet, using FB & mobile phones every moment it may be hard to adjust but as everyone says “entrepreneurs spend their life the way most do so that they can live in future most cannot” Going to villages may be crazy but you will definitely face enough of problems and you start thinking of how to solve this particular problem, as ‚ a result you have found a solution to the problem yourself and millions like you are facing the same problem, you just build a prototype and ask fellow resides to try it, if they feels good truly you are next entrepreneur, now you don’t have to worry if they are similar products in the globe, this is a product you made, and let the other companies compete, ‚ No matter whether it is humans or Startups, it is survival of the fittest.

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If thousands of people build startups we can build a better planet than yesterday, thankfully there are enough startup incubators, all you have to do is go before and discuss the global need of such product and how we are going to bring a solution for such a problem.

May be if you could build a phone that works without need of network coverage or a SIM that lets you call free globally, they are revolutionary. The ideas mentioned before are my ideas and I haven’t started working on such ideas.

For building a startup the best place to start is colleges because you will stay in hostel and get roommates who you can trust and stay united with you no matter what. Not just that they can become CEO, CFO, HR and assign each task of building a startup.

The growth of internet startup ‚ is faster than offline one and so is truly global. ‚  The startups that won’t go down easily are mobile applications and internet startups, also SMS startups. ‚ Startup like Instagram got acquired by FB for 1 Billion dollar, sounds crazy. ‚  ‚  ‚  ‚  The Indian startup RedBus got acquired for a whooping 800 crores, seriously you can’t make that money from your job in a MNC or local company, Companies like Infosys just screws you with 24*7 assignments and remember the undisclosed amount, visionaries like Narayana Murthy earns.

People may destroy you, irritate you, laugh at you but one day your startup won’t fail if you believe in it. ‚ The inventor of bulb failed almost a 1000 times, still he didn’t give up, so is the light and electricity we see today.

Build a startup for the human race and human race won’t ever forget your contributions for the betterment of humanity.

Well my mind says I have to become a startup founder that everyone appreciates, one day I would do it, don’t know when I will accomplish, for hardcore knowledge of developing a startup Read‚ The Lean Startup

7 tips to promote your business online

Making money online, just like any other brand, products and services, will need effective marketing plan to reach your potential customers to let them know that you are there. Here are some of the best marketing tips that you must follow to increase the traffic to your website, which will help you to increase your clients and sales of your services and products.

Here we go,

1. Make use of PPC:

Despite many marketers knowing about pay-per-click, not many are making the best use of these programmes, but there are hundreds of sites who still offer such programmes. If you choose the correct websites, that offer targeted advertising on a pay per click basis and if you find your online money-making business working well, and then cling on to it.

2. Write Articles:

This is one of the excellent ways to promote your online business to be recognized in the virtual world, as stated by all internet business experts. It is very easy for people to blog of their own these days and can hire writers to get articles about their website be written in an attractive way for boosting the business. If this being the case, then submit few of your articles on article directories and promote your business through these directories.

3. Pay Per Sale:

Pay per sale is a no risk advertising programme, for your online business for selling your products and services that you will not require paying unless a sale has been made. This is a no risk and no loss program as some of the related programs are affiliate programming and joint ventures.

4. Free Online Forum:

Forums are places where people of similar interests and requirements discuss on varied topics like clubs and parties. This way, online forums are places to let people to know more about your business, in addition to marketing your business products and services. These are the opportunities for you to develop joint ventures.

5. Search Engine Optimizations:

This is no secret on how to get your website higher in the search engine searches that you will be noticed for providing services. These are major sources of bringing in traffic and sales of your products and services to your website.

6. Give something as a complementary gift:

Giving away freebies like some of your new products for trial and order or freebies like e-books, software and many more that you do offline, like mail-in rebate, promotional offers will help you get noticed. This will probably help in not only increasing your website traffic and search engine rankings, but also will help in selling your products and services and in establishing long-term relationships. This will not cost you a big money, even you can buy things in discounts and give as gifts.

7. Guest Blogging:

This is one of the novice ways to promote your business online using a computer and internet connection. Some blogs allow the fellow blogger to publish content with links back to them and get feedback from people who read them. By this way your product gets popular and this is a good way to make some money using revenue sharing program.

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Praveen is a known blogger in the blogosphere who is sharing promotion code and Hostrocket promotion code for the benefits of the user.

Digital Story of Christmas

We all live in the world of technology. Every second millions of people update their status, chat with their friends, send emails, watch videos, read wiki, buy gadgets and google what they are looking for.

Mary and Joseph communicated without using computers, internet and social networks. But without any of these present technologies, they stayed connected and announced the Birth of Jesus.

Merry Christmas

What might it look like if Jesus was born today?

If Jesus was born today it would have looked like using social media, web and mobile to tell the story of nativity.

The Couples Mary and Joseph would have used

  • Facebook to stay connected as well as create the birth of Jesus event and upload the pictures of baby.
  • Twitter to announce the birth of Jesus.
  • YouTube to upload the video of baby.
  • Wikipedia to get the word from the Holy Spirits.
  • Google Maps to find the driving directions from their hometown .
  • Gmail to message between the couples.
  • Foursquare to check-in at the stable and update their location.
  • Amazon to buy gifts for the kid.
  • Not just that they would have used iPhone and ‚ Macbook.

Videos below are an artistic take on the story of nativity if social networks were present at the time of Jesus’s birth. It highlights the truths and circumstances of our Saviour’s birth in a fresh and unique way.

The Digital Story of Nativity


Christmas story told through popular social networks and services like Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Gmail, Wikipedia, YouTube and Google Maps.


A Social Network Christmas


Like The Social Network movie based on Facebook, A Social Network Christmas tells the story of Christmas just through the million users site Facebook

This video proves Facebook is an alternative for all the popular web services. Mary and Joseph successfully uses only Facebook for keeping them updated with their experiences and birth of Jesus.

  • Here Google Maps gets replaced by Facebook Places.
  • FB status update instead of tweeting it.
  • Messaging on FB walls instead of emailing via Gmail.
  • Facebook event instead of Foursquare location update.


Digital Christmas – Nativity 2.0

This is also a digital story but actually a roleplay of Mary and Joseph born in the modern world who uses social networking sites, iPhone, Macbook and owns a car.

A Haiti organisation made this play with the mission to support the survivors of the Haiti earthquake.


Even though time changes, feelings remain the same. They still communicated without any email and social networks. People today cannot live without social networks and it has become a major part of their life.

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