How to Unlock Locked PDF files for Free

PDF stands for Portable Document Format is most used file format for business purpose just like word and excel sheets. Most of time the PDF files may be locked to protect the document from being copied, pasted or printed. Well this is annoying as you can’t do what you want to do. Well we techies don’t believe in impossible as everything is possible in the technical world, so is solution to unlock PDF files easy in one click.


To unlock a PDF file, just browse the file on your system and click upload. Once the file is uploaded, your file gets unlocked and an unlocked copy of file can be downloaded with ease, all under few seconds depending upon the size of PDF file.

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How to Download Any Youtube Video as HD MP4 FLV

You might be a cool movie freak or a guy loving a lot of romantic songs or‚  a house mom crazed about the TV serial episodes, whoever you are download all your favorite programs form YouTube easy as dropping ice in your drink.‚  Even if you are not good at tech you can download the videos without downloading browser plugins or softwares or paying for softwares.


Not just that you can download videos as HD even if the video doesn’t have an HD which means you can download the programs and watch it in HD even you don’t have HD supported devices, Download and enjoy the programs with popcorn and just keep rocking.


The best thing is you can download videos from Metacafe, DailyMotion,‚  Vimeo, Facebook and many others, so start downloading all your favorite episodes from SaveVid


To download the video from YouTube, just copy the video url and paste it in SaveVid, the download links will be generated instantly.

Start downloading now


How to get Startup Idea

Now every youngster wants to start a startup just like there was a period when every teen wants to become doctor or engineer. Starting a startup is not easy as you think, to do that you need an idea that could solve a problem humans are facing. May be a million startups already on the globe but only few thousands of them are really successful. ‚ Definition of startup success is different for everyone it may vary from having a flat bank balance, a million users, global coverage, startup being used by celebs and famous personalities or may be personal satisfaction.


The startup visionaries says to get a startup idea, you don’t have to think and invent something, all you to do is get your backpacks and go to places where you have been never, I would say the best place to go is to remote villages of India where is no water or electricity and people leading a miserable life. For people like us connected to internet, using FB & mobile phones every moment it may be hard to adjust but as everyone says “entrepreneurs spend their life the way most do so that they can live in future most cannot” Going to villages may be crazy but you will definitely face enough of problems and you start thinking of how to solve this particular problem, as ‚ a result you have found a solution to the problem yourself and millions like you are facing the same problem, you just build a prototype and ask fellow resides to try it, if they feels good truly you are next entrepreneur, now you don’t have to worry if they are similar products in the globe, this is a product you made, and let the other companies compete, ‚ No matter whether it is humans or Startups, it is survival of the fittest.

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If thousands of people build startups we can build a better planet than yesterday, thankfully there are enough startup incubators, all you have to do is go before and discuss the global need of such product and how we are going to bring a solution for such a problem.

May be if you could build a phone that works without need of network coverage or a SIM that lets you call free globally, they are revolutionary. The ideas mentioned before are my ideas and I haven’t started working on such ideas.

For building a startup the best place to start is colleges because you will stay in hostel and get roommates who you can trust and stay united with you no matter what. Not just that they can become CEO, CFO, HR and assign each task of building a startup.

The growth of internet startup ‚ is faster than offline one and so is truly global. ‚  The startups that won’t go down easily are mobile applications and internet startups, also SMS startups. ‚ Startup like Instagram got acquired by FB for 1 Billion dollar, sounds crazy. ‚  ‚  ‚  ‚  The Indian startup RedBus got acquired for a whooping 800 crores, seriously you can’t make that money from your job in a MNC or local company, Companies like Infosys just screws you with 24*7 assignments and remember the undisclosed amount, visionaries like Narayana Murthy earns.

People may destroy you, irritate you, laugh at you but one day your startup won’t fail if you believe in it. ‚ The inventor of bulb failed almost a 1000 times, still he didn’t give up, so is the light and electricity we see today.

Build a startup for the human race and human race won’t ever forget your contributions for the betterment of humanity.

Well my mind says I have to become a startup founder that everyone appreciates, one day I would do it, don’t know when I will accomplish, for hardcore knowledge of developing a startup Read‚ The Lean Startup

12 Ways to Celebrate 2012 Online [New Year]

1. Update your social network with wishes at 00:00‚ 

What else makes you happy if you can update your Facebook status or twitter tweet on time 00:00:00 on January 1, 2012. So if you don’t waste your time partying with your friends offline this time you can make it.
Few people on Facebook thinks they can schedule your update via the New FB timeline. No, this is not possible as Facebook only supports adding stories to past only. So if you want to get the thrill of 2012 and want that millisecond breath till you die post it on Facebook and Twitter. There are other sites including Laterbro to schedule your updates. Use that service only if you are sleeping or partying.

2. Chat with your loved ones at midnight

Chatting gives happiness like nothing else. At that nice moment what about chatting with your lover or someone who is so special only to you. Make sure you are chatting with her by getting rid of disturbances from other friends. Better try some private chats or video chats on GTalk. If you have 3G or you are rich enough to own an iPhone go with Facetime :-) Lucky you are while others struggle in social networks and gtalk, Facetime does what you want neatly

3. Tag your family members in your own customized videos & photos

The common trend is tagging all in your New year wishes photos. But for a change tag all your close family members in a private restricted poster with memories of 2011 and let they feel happy and precious to get involved in some beautiful moments than dancing with strangers as the enjoyment is just for the moment we do while the things you do on Facebook is there forever. you can print it out and send to your grannies and other family members. Not just limited to that you can get all this sticked on a room and shown to all your friends. It’s more beautiful when we do it

4. Start a hangout on Google+ with your family or friends

With the coming of Google+ Hangouts are going crazy. Before it was just walking here and there with friends and take some snaps to show off to your friends and post on Facebook to make others jealous. But now things have changed into live video chat with friends and family anywhere in world for free of cost and people are using various softwares to add effects to their webcams and make people get crazy with their friends than when they are near. Hangout is the perfect way to start 2012

5. Video Chat with your Girlfriend

This seems bit crazy as no girls accepts to it. But if you want to make this year beautiful convince her that you want to start the year seeing her face. This doesn’t seem to work with near girlfriends as they might say they will come to your home and make your family go crazy as they come to know your relations. So don’t just chat, video chat with her. Possible your girlfriend must be on Facebook, do the Facebook Video call :-)

6. Watch the live streaming channels on YouTube

YouTube is buzzing with the coming of live streaming. Most programs are streamed lively on YouTube. Check YouTube Live channel to see whether any live program is scheduled at your free time and watch it out :-) thus love. If you are a god believer you could search for spiritual videos to start day with. Most people have a habit of seeing some superstars first to make the day lucky for them. In that case just search for images of superstar and bookmark. If you are a Rajnikanth make him your desktop wallpaper

7. Poke your GF on Facebook

This seems crazy. But some girls love poking back as we poke her and never give up. Even though its virtual poking it’s a nice way to start the day with. Just construct the scene as poking her really and you enjoy the day.

8. Post on the New year events created by friends on Facebook

Yeah Facebook created events virtually for mainly virtual group discussion and not offline parties. Every one on Facebook is invited to at least one event on New Year. Just go to the event, say hi and interact with others and add good girls and boys as friends. So if your resolution is to make new friends. This is the best time.

9. Schedule an email to your primary email containing something which makes you happy

LOL! This is the MR. Bean way. All you have to do is make a beautiful email, may be an email from someone who you love or inspire and schedule to send to your email at that night. So you open it and enjoy as you achieved something.
Something like an email from Angelina Jolie saying She loves you and she want you to be in her next film. Things will go crazy I swear

10. Publish a blog post containing your street pics, celebration video, sounds captured all mixed into a spicy post.

Well to all big bloggers it’s time to thank all your readers who read your non-user friendly articles but just search friendly articles. So to get your visitor’s attention just publish a blog post containing your latest pic, introducing your family to your readers, neighbourhood celebration videos, music and crackers round your apartment all taped into one video of which it could go viral :P and that could even make your year.

11. If you don’t have anyone to video chat with, consider chatting with hot strangers

So no luck with video chatting as you did not get anyone to have a video chat with. As most girls prefers text messaging and chatting it’s not your fault. But thanks to some live video chatting made by some teens things are easy as writing on paper. Check Chatroulette‚ or Omegle.

12. If you are missing someone and have their number. Use Skype video call

Definitely you are the luckiest one having your girlfriend’s number and she is online too. So take out something like Skype and do a quick call :-) It’s better to call her little earlier and say to come online and tell her how you are going to connect with her as girls are mostly dumb and it may ruin your day.
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