Get Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 Genuine License Key for Free

Get a Free Genuine Bitdefender internet security license key for free now. This is time of high online usage including using of social accounts and opening of emails, the chance of spreading infections is faster than it seems before. About 50% higher is the chance of online infections than last year, so it is necessary to stay protected from the world of data stealing, pornography and protecting your kids as they take the cyber journey.


BitDefender security is proved to be faster than all other internet security products including security to your private data and make sure all your transactions remains protected. During a test conducted by a cyber research organisation, they found Bitdefender to be extremely performing than all other internet security programs. With over 400 million users that use Bitdefender to protect their information, they are‚  the most used internet security package ever.

PC Magazine of 2014 has rated Bitdefender as #1 Internet Security program. With the addition of Bitdefender safepay, all your banking transactions stay safe from wrong hands. Bitdefender autopilot answers all security related questions itself, so you are being protected in the best way possible.


So what else do you need? Get free Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 genuine license key now from Stacksocial

BlueStacks: How to Run Android Operating System on Windows PC

Today, ‚ Most of the mobile users prefer Android OS phones over Windows and dead Symbian OS phones. Android seems the phone of the future with its wide use and good framework design of the Android OS. May be you have an android phone but how do people who don’t have access to a mobile phone that supports Android use Android OS?


Here Comes BlueStacks the most amazing and wonderful software for Windows that let you run the latest android os on your system without need of other android simulators or an android phone. The best part is you can use google play store and download android apps, and run those apps directly on your system. Now play the Angry Birds in your large laptop screen and get the greatest enjoyment in playing those games in your wide screens with loudspeakers and friends.

BlueStacks Android Emulator - Download Apps Playstore

If you have a MAC system don’t worry, BlueStacks have another version for MAC OS, start playing Candy Crush, Temple Run and send private messages through Telegram, the Whatsapp Killer app.

Even though BlueStacks have a paid version, there is ‚ a free version with full support but Free Sponsored apps install is must ie. we have to download ‚ an app every day which they recommend for continuing the BlueStacks free license.

I have tried Android OS on VirtualBox, Android ADT simulator by google, all these are too slow and sluggy, BlueStacks is best Android emulator software. Go grab it :)


JuniorHero rates BlueStacks, 4.5 out of 10.

What is 3D printing

Free‚ 3D printing by 3d printers is becoming a reality as 3d printers starts printing even food. It can completely revolutionise the world of printers, till now 3d printing was never a reality but we are lucky to see the technology advances in this generation. Now 3d printing is never too hard and any X, Y, Z can start printing objects of their desire.

So basically what a 3d printer does it prints a digital model we have designed using a 3d software, isn’t it amazing? Yes it is as it can print any objects such as diamonds, guns now even food. As research progresses we may be able to print even living objects, we are becoming too tech-savy, it seems.

What is 3d printing

What is 3D Printing?

Whether it was invented for fun, it can comercially exploited, as many small businesses started using 3d printers across the world to print objects such as bangles, pots, artistic works which are delievered on the basis of the need of customer, with the coming of 3d printers, small-businesses can cater to their customers with quality,fastness and accuracy. We have talked to some of the top businesses in United State using 3d printers for their daily use, they are so satisfied as with the help of 3d printers they are able to increase the profits to a level which they never thought, they are so suprised that they want to make even much more with their business. It is readily solving the problems of printing requirements and quantity. Before when manual work was done to make parts it was a hard job, but now even if you need a iPhone case, you can just print according to the size, color and dimensions.

The good thing is more startups based on 3d printers are rising all over the world because even making and selling an iPhone case is a profitable business because there are millions of users wishing to get more cooler and comfortable cases at the price you say. This business is going to bloom and it surely will. So in the near future, companies with free 3d printing are going to be successful and more profitable.

There is an enormous amount of money hidden in this 3d printing industry, the best part is you don’t need workers to start a business, as you can design it in your laptop and print it right way to get it sold for a profit for being the most successful entrepreneur of the century, isn’t that cool. Being today is 2014, you are lucky enough to see this page at the beginning of the year, you can earn millions as shown by other successful people in the 3d printing industry.

What is 3D printing

With online stores available, you can print and sell it yourself, if you are creative then it can get sold like hotcakes. I have collected around free 67 ready made 3d print designs which you can get it for free, not just that if you don’t have 3d printer, it doesn’t matter there a list of sites you can use to get it printed at half the normal manufacturing price, if you really want to something big, free 3d printing industry is there for you. If you want to download those designs and secret behind every 3d startup, go to

How to be profitable with 3d Printing

How To Send Free National International SMS Online

WhatsApp, Facebook and other alternatives are there but still SMS is used so much by the people at least for texting their loved ones when they are not online or not picking up the call or wants to wish them during celebration days. It is almost cool as we do a 140 tweet ‚ but for every message you have to empty your pockets, thanks to network providers they come with SMS packs that are affordable for the youth who text heavily. But with the internet, you don’t have to pay a buck for the sms because you can send it all online.‚ Believe Me, we can send even international free online not just limited to United states, even to gulf countries.

Way2SMS is #1 free sms provider of India. It has clearly beaten all the similar free sms sites, all it takes is less than 1 second for the recipient to get the message. ‚ For start using all you have to do is to go to the site and click on Register and enter your personal details including your mobile number in which Way2Sms sends a confirmation code to verify your authenticity. Once you ‚ have provided the genuine confirmation you can start using the service.

Send Free SMS Online

There are separate option to Send SMS to a‚ person or to a group, All you to do is the enter the 10 digit mobile number and enter your message in 140 characters and click send your message will be delivered in less than 10 seconds normally.

For Sending international SMS, click on Free International SMS on Way2SMS tab then you have to login to your Facebook account, then enter the mobile number with country code and then the message and click send. Currently Way2SMS support sending sms to 209 countries for Free, Isn’t that cool?? ‚ It is an achievement in the trait of sending of free sms online.

We users can send any number of messages online, without spending a single penny from the pockets we can get send sms like we own the service provider. Not just that it provides the feature of sending sms in future termed “Future SMS”, all you have to do is the set the day and time in hour:minutes then forget it. You can use it as a reminder for yourself, so that even if you forget something important, it reminds isn’t that cool.

01-01-2014 04-08-16 AM

Also there is an address book feature where you can save your friends number in the form of Name, Number and add it to groups, but be careful since all those numbers are used up marketing agencies and if you check those numbers in TrueCaller, (a mobile number search engine for finding name of the mobile number user) you will be shocked to see the name you have given will be showing on TrueCaller, seems truecaller directly fetches mobile number usernames directly from Way2SMS, but it is a corporate thing neither of our business, so it is better to keep those numbers stored either in the phone or in an Excel sheet or in any phonebook software or in VCF formats.

The good thing is Way2SMS has apps for Android, Blackberry, Apple iPhone devices. So download them and use them along in your phone, so you don’t have to store or type those numbers again, you can directly fetch mobile numbers from your phones adressbook.

So start sending SMS online, if you meet any problem please drop me a comment, I would be happy to solve your issue rightaway. I have used this service myself and I’m still using it, it is too good for sending SMS especially it’s reliability is awesome.


After all Happy New Year 2014 to you :)

Get 25 GB FREE Storage from Microsoft SkyDrive

Microsoft SkyDrive has been integrated to Windows System. The Fresh updates of SkyDrive brings a 100 GB storage capacity too. moreover the old users have given a 25 GB limited time Free Upgrade which even DropBox won’t give directly unless asking to share on social networks and promote it on Social network.

The Dropbox Killer is here. When Dropbox provides 5 GB as the base storage space Microsoft has come up with 7 GB, That’s too good for users who need even more free space. With 25 GB cloud space SkyDrive did it! Not just that it allows to any file to be at most size of 2 GB.

Existing SkyDrive users can easily upgrade their account to 25 GB by just logging into the account and Clicking ‚ “UPGRADE”. The best part is new SkyDrive apps works seamlessly in windows. And they have apps for Apple MAC OS‚ and iPad’s too.But for the latest Windows Mobile OS too.


So Microsoft has made the good moves while Google has announced before they are working on Google Drive. This will be highly challenging to DropBox and other cloud computing products


Microsoft has cleared all our questions clearly which MS often fails to do

Limited time loyalty offer

You¢â‚¬â„¢ve been with us a long time, and through a lot of changes. We appreciate you sticking with us, and we want to make it easy for you to keep using your 25 GB of free online storage. All you need to do is to go to the SkyDrive storage page and choose Upgrade my storage. That¢â‚¬â„¢s it¢â‚¬â€you¢â‚¬â„¢re locked in for 25 GB for free.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the storage limit changing?

When designing the new SkyDrive, we wanted to create personal cloud storage that was both powerful and that had enough storage to meet the needs of most people¢â‚¬â€for free. The new SkyDrive offers 7 GB of storage. That¢â‚¬â„¢s enough for 2‚±0,000 Office docs or 7,000 photos. And unlike before, you can upload big files (up to 2 GB) and automatically sync files or entire folders to SkyDrive right from your PC.

We also wanted to offer additional storage options for people who needed more, without applying a single limit to everyone. So we now offer affordable plans to add up to 100 GB of additional storage to SkyDrive.

What are the new features?

SkyDrive for PC or Mac: Install SkyDrive on your computer and you can access files in your SkyDrive right from your desktop¢â‚¬â€online or offline. Files in your SkyDrive folder are automatically kept up to date across your PCs and Macs. Available for Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X Lion.

Apps for Windows Phone, iPhone, and iPad: Get to your files while you¢â‚¬â„¢re on the go with the new SkyDrive for iPad app and updated apps for Windows Phone and iPhone. And of course you can still go to from your phone¢â‚¬â„¢s browser.

Fetch files: Forgot to put a file in your SkyDrive folder? You can access any file stored on your PC running Windows from

Increased upload sizes: Now you can upload and share files up to 2 GB.


What happens if I don¢â‚¬â„¢t upgrade my storage? Will I lose my stuff?

No. In the new SkyDrive, everyone gets 7 GB of free storage. If you were using close to this amount before the latest update, we¢â‚¬â„¢ve automatically upgraded your storage already . You can always see how much storage you have by signing into SkyDrive and checking the storage meter.


I would like to thank all my readers for their precious time. If you do have any doubts or comments kindly comment on the box provided below

6 sites to send Free Fax Online

Fax is an excellent technological advancement that sends and receives important files and documents worldwide in a much easier fashion. Gone are the days that you need to buy expensive fax machines as now you can do this using your faxing applications that are available online for free without the need of a fax machine.

send free fax online

Send free Fax online

Discussed below in detail are six common such internet fax service providing sites using nothing else other than internet to send free fax online.

Here we go,

1. My Fax:

MyFax is a faxing service that allows users to send nearly 100 free faxes per month and receive 200 faxes at no cost. This online free fax service will allow you to send fax to over nearly 40 countries like United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Canada, Czech Republic, Belgium, Brazil, etc,. This allows you to send two faxes per day each being limited to a maximum of 10 pages each. This application also integrates a number of file formats and synchronizes with MS Office and Outlook.
Access: My Fax


Axiatel is an innovative and international telecom company that specializes in online sales of virtual office solutions for both small businesses and individuals. Axiatel offers Fax to Email, web conference calling and virtual switchboards to currently over 50 000 customers worldwide. Axiatel Fax to Email service offers competitive prices for a reliable service starting at only $3.50. This online fax service allows users to send and receive faxes from 61 countries. Axiatel services also offer a 30 day free trial so that you can be sure it is the right service for you.For more information hop onto out website at


This is a free online faxing service to US and Canada with the maximum allowed limits being 2 faxes per day with each fax not exceeding 3 pages. Sending fax using this software application is much simple and easy. There are two ways to send the fax message, with the message in the text box provided or upload the supportable file formats like .pdf, .doc and .docx only.

3. Fax Zero:

This is an online fax service that allows sending faxes online free for no cost for files in PDF and Word formats to two countries, USA and Canada. You are not in need of a fax machine but what you need is a valid email address, which permits you to send two free fax messages every day with maximum page limit being three for each fax. However, the presence of ads that are being sent along with the fax, will not allow you to use this fax for professional use.
Access: Fax Zero

4. ScanR:

ScanR is a much more incredible efax service providing platform that works in the following fashion. All you need to make use of this service is that turn the camera phone into a digital scanner and a fax machine. Scan and take a picture of your document using your smart phone and send them to a valid email address that you receive from ScanR and give instructions to send to the recipient to find your file being easily getting converted to a PDF file and sent to the recipient in a professional manner with no charges for these basic services.
Access: ScanR

5. PamFax:

PamFax is the only fax service which is a fully integrated system with Skype and also allows you to send fax messages in a number of formats than the most common two formats like PDF and DOC. All the faxes are sent as fully encrypted messages that you need not fear hackers and blends well with many of the operating systems of your phone like Windows, OS X, and Linux and even in Android. This is easy to use and is much more reliable.
Access: PamFax

6. Nextiva Fax:

This allows you to send and receive faxes from any part of the world, if you have internet access. This is the service that you need to opt for, when you send huge volume of faxes like 500 free faxes per month. This also provides a more versatile environment for sending faxes in various formats and using various portals like email, MS Office, web portal, and also through fax machine.
Access: Nextiva Fax

Hope you will try to send free fax online

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