Facebook Acquires QuickFire for Auto Playing Video

Facebook Video

This obtaining without a doubt indicates how genuine the organization is about incorporating features to their informal community.

Facebook clarified in a blog entry, how it is seeing a significant movement towards visual substance, particularly features. It uncovers that Facebook clients have been posting features all the more every now and again throughout the most recent year. As video posts have expanded by over 75% in  the world, it clarifies how users like to select videos as opposed to posting it in conventional ‘words’.

As patterns are changing, Facebook’s obtaining Quickfire will unquestionably enhance and accelerate the procedure and usefulness of features on their stage.

Re/Code called attention to that a piece of this procurement is because of Facebook’s method to advance feature, and the presentation of autoplay feature. A change to the calculation implies that the more feature you watch, the more feature Facebook will demonstrate to you.

This clarifies how the organization themselves need to elevate features to their users furthermore, clarifies how Facebook is setting themselves up to convey clients a decent experience. This innovation turns out to be gainful as the administration can layer features to lower bit rates without trading off on its quality and expand it without expanding record size.

The report additionally expressed that the Quickfire engineering could likewise help Facebook surface brilliant feature to clients in developing markets where Wi-Fi and cell information access are difficult to find.

As Facebook’s method incorporates elevating video administrations to its users, it could likewise take an offer of Google-claimed Youtube viewers which blossoms with features, totally. The organization could likewise adapt this administration at the appropriate time course of time to advance chose features. This example has additionally been trailed by Instagram.

Starting now, the deal has been positive for Facebook, and additionally for its users comprehensively.

How To Remove Fake Profiles From Facebook

Facebook is the #1 social networking site worldwide with over 1 Billion active users. ‚ Every grandma as well as pets in your neighbourhood must be having ‚ a Facebook page or profile with over thousands of followers which makes them feel like rock stars.‚ Every big organisation as well as actors has a cool Facebook profile that get’s them around 300-450 likes every 10 second.‚ You won’t know when you become famous, because may be someday that crazy video made by you may start trending that makes you the next cyber rock star.


Few days back one of my friend’s friend messaged me saying she was in a blackmailing situation caused by a guy who loved her but she didn’t accept the relationship, as a result he copied down all the photos and data from her Facebook account and made it into a new profile under her name with seducing and immoral updates. ‚ Not just that she was worried to go for cyber cell or communicate with police. The good thing is she asked me to solve the problem, well thanks to her I got an experience to share.

So in this situation, talking with accused doesn’t seem to work because he has his own intentions and is willing to do anything, it is the victim‚ that gets affected badly. When it comes to Facebook profiles, the good thing is that there is a “Report / Mark as Spam”, so all we have to do is report but to remove it or not is the decision by the FB governance executives, Normally we will get a reply within 24 hours.‚ But most of the cases, they won’t remove the profile if the profile is made long time back or has lot of friends, lot of photo’s the chance of removal is 0.01%. ‚  ‚  ‚ Well in that case, for a profile to get removed, you have to get that profile reported by 55 Facebook Users, If it is reported by 55 users the profile get removed within 24 hours.


If the profile is made few days back, then the profile will get removed automatically even without action by a FB authority, seems FB has developed algorithm to check whether it is fake profile, by several days since profile made, lack of profile picture.

So if you are in such a situation, all you have to do is report the profile yourself and if not remove get it reported by 55 friends, it will be removed for sure. Sometimes I think for verification of FB profiles especially in case of Misrepresentation, they should ask for some valid proof and on submission they will match it with the license database and validates whether the user is real or not.

If you need help in fighting Cyber crime ‚ especially in Fake Facebook profiles, Don’t forget to ask me for help :)‚ Seems I am blogging after ‚ a long time, your comments are appreciated for inspiration and refreshment.

Fix your Facebook Privacy with PrivacyDefender

Facebook is the most popular social networking site. Facebook has more than 500 million active users who spend nearly 700 billion minutes every month. So protecting your data on Facebook is a must.

Facebook handles privacy in a messy way.  Recently Facebook changed their Privacy settings making privacy tough for users and popular privacy bookmarklets like ReclaimPrivacy stopped working. PrivacyDefender works with the new Facebook privacy settings.

PrivacyDefender is a new Facebook application to fix your Facebook privacy easily and in a tidy way.  PrivacyDefender makes your complex privacy settings simple.  To fix your privacy, follow the steps below.

How to use PrivacyDefender?

  1. Right click or drag this link PrivacyDefender to bookmark it on your bookmarks bar.
  2. Go to apps.facebook.com/privacydefender and click “Allow” when App requests for permission.
  3. Now go to apps.facebook.com/privacydefender and click on the bookmarklet you bookmarked.
  4. PrivacyDefender starts scanning your Facebook account for privacy breaches.
  5. See your current FB privacy settings in a circular chart.

How to read the PrivacyDefender chart?

  • There are options to set privacy of your birthday, profile picture, posts, comments, photos, videos and  contact info.
  • There are 4 types of slices in the chart.
  • Green slice in center shows that your info is only visible to you.
    Next green slice shows that your friends can only see your info.
    Yellow slice makes your info visible to your friends of friends only.
    Red slice makes your info visible to anyone on web.

PrivacyDefender Facebook Application

How to Fix your Facebook Privacy?

  • Drag the arrow to your preferred privacy level
  • There are 3 privacy options   – Friends, Social and Public.
  • Friends – Choose this option to show your info just to your friends and do not want to add new friends.
    Social Network – Choose this setting if you want to grow your friends network but don’t want to share your info publicly.
    Everyone -  Choose this setting if you want your Facebook profile shown publicly but don’t want to expose your contact and other sensitive information.

  • It could also fix 3 extremely important privacy settings i.e. Facebook Partners cannot use your info, Friends cannot share your info and advertisers can’t show your info in their advertisements.
  • Even you can set custom privacy settings by clicking on the areas in the chart.
  • Once set, Click on “Fix My Privacy” to apply your new privacy settings.

It has a cool feature for you to see your friend’s privacy and alert them about their privacy. Now you don’t have to worry about your Facebook Privacy. Stay connected to your friends on Facebook peacefully.

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Please do drop a comment about your experience with Facebook Privacy and let us know whether this application worked or not.

10 Awesome Google Chrome Extensions for Facebook

Do your life becomes tough if there is no Facebook? If yes, you are addicted to Facebook.Chrome is a free open source web browser developed by Google. Chrome users are increasing every month. PROOF – W3Schools

There are hundreds of extensions for Facebook at Chrome Extension Gallery but only a few actually works and worth installing.

#1 – SocialPlus

SocialPlus is all in one Facebook customizing extension. Most coolest features are you can add skins, dislike button and video chat to Facebook.

It has inbuilt functions – Emoticons (smileys), dislike button, photo preview, album slide show, webcam in chat and change profile skin by choosing cool themes from skin library. It works with the new Facebook profile too.

It also has a filter option to change filters and manage the updates you see.

After installing this extension, refresh Facebook page to see SocialPlus icon on Facebook navigation bar. There you can manage functions, filters and profile skin.


#2 – Friend Mural

Friend Mural is an awesome Google Chrome Facebook Client. Unlike other updates checker chrome extensions, this extension allows to add up to 24 friends in a cool painted wall. Then you can watch their activity specially. It has option to hide your own updates .

This way we can track our close and dear friends. Not just that, ‚ many bloggers on Facebook giveaway free cash to one who like their updates first. We could add those users to Mural and watch their activities easily.

Friend Mural

#3 – Facebook Rounder

Facebook Rounder rounds Profile pictures, buttons, comment boxes. It also has an inbuilt advertisement blocker.

It doesn’t access your private information. This plugin is a highest rated extension on Chrome Extension Gallery. It uses pure CSS and no JavaScript. This makes Facebook faster than before.

Facebook Rounder

#4 – FacebookDeletes

FacebookDeletes is a script to bulk delete friends on Facebook. This is a useful extension to cleanup your friends on Facebook. This app comes handy when you reach friends limit on FB. So as to cleanup your profile you can use FacebookDeletes script.


#5 – Facebook Full Screen Video

You might have a seen viral YouTube video on your FB feed but you could not see the video in full screen right from there. Instead you clicked the video and viewed it on YouTube. Didn’t you? Not just that viewing on full screen sometimes make YouTube stream video again, wasting your time. So you watch it in small screen within FB.

Full Screen Video extension adds the full screen option to all YouTube & Vimeo videos in Facebook. Full Screen videos stream fast too.

Full Screen Video

#6 – Facebook Simple Notes

This is a very cool Facebook extension which joins all notifications in FB notification bar linking to the same photo or status update.

It adds a button “Open All Unread” to the notification bar. This is so useful for Facebookers who want to have a quick check of recent replies or are lazy to click each conversation. Every different status replies, opens in different tabs. Not only that, the notifications does not blur away when mouse hovers it but only when we click the notification.

Install Simple Notes Extension

#7 – Facebook Friends Checker

This is the coolest extension I have seen and used. What this app does is, it regularly checks your friends and alerts you when a friend has removed you.

  • After installing this app, Go to Facebook.com (refresh your page).
  • Click on Account button
  • Select FFChecker Interval
  • Set the time to “2” hours
  • So the extension runs every 2 hours and if any friend has unfriend you, you will get an alert on top of Facebook.

Facebook friends checker

#8 – Facebook Disconnect

Facebook disconnect stops Facebook from tracking the webpage you surf on.

Millions of users worry about their privacy in Facebook. By installing this extension, Facebook and your friends won’t know the pages you surf. So surf securely and peacefully.

Technically, this plugin blocks your Facebook information from being accessed by websites.

Facebook Disconnect

#9 – Facebook Font Size Changer

Google Chrome started supporting Userscripts. Userscripts has thousands of free, installable and highly useful scripts. Facebook Font Size Changer is also a Userscript.

Facebook often adds and releases new features. Recently News feed font become smaller and difficult for people to read the updates. This script will get back the old font size.

Facebook Font Size Changer

#10 – Facebook Photo Zoom

This is the best way to see photos.As the plugin name says, It zooms the images on your news feed in a neat and cool web 2.0 way.

Facebook Photo Zoom is a simple light weight extension that integrates directly into FB, so you can see larger images and profile photos.

Extension developer repeatedly says, they do not take private data’s. You can easily switch on and off the plugin from a button placed near to FB chat.

Facebook Photo Zoom

Which of the following extension did you like? Which is your favorite Google chrome extension or extension for Facebook? Do leave a comment and we are happy to announce we have added Commentluv to our site. Every month we will be announcing ‚ Top commentators and they get exciting prizes.

HOW TO: 3 Ways to Find Girls on Facebook

Facebook is the most used social networking site worldwide.Mark Zuckerberg founded it in February 4,2004. Facebook has more than 526 million global audience. Users can add friends, send messages, update their profile and status, upload photos and videos, add application and games, Like pages and groups and even chat with friends.


According to QuantCast, ‚ Most Facebook users in USA are women (55%). India has 14 million users, out of these 34% are men while 66% are women. Globally 60 million women and ‚ around 9 million Indian women uses Facebook.


Millions of beautiful girls are waiting online for someone like you. But often they won’t find anyone in their lifetime because few knows how to find handsome men and charming girls on Facebook.

There are three ways to find girls on Facebook.

Facebook Search

  • Go to facebook.com/search
  • Click on “People” option.
  • Now you use your brain.
  • Eg: Search for “girl”, “women”, “air hostess” or “model” and definitely you will find cute girls.
  • Click her profile url to add her.
  • TIPS: Check out friends of the girl to see more girls.
  • Filter search by place, workplace or your university for better results.

Openbook Facebook Search Engine


  • Enter anything.
  • Select “Show Female Only”
  • Click search.
  • In the search results, girl’s photo, status update and name are displayed. Click the photo or name to see her Facebook profile.
  • Now add her on Facebook.

Meet New People Facebook Application

  • Go to apps.facebook.com/iamfreetonight
  • “Allow” the request for permission.
  • So many girls will be shown.
  • Search with country and age of girl you are looking for.
  • When you see a charming girl, answer “Do you like me”to “Yes”.
  • Do it till you are satisfied.
  • Then go to U Like option on top of page.
  • Now you see girls you have liked.
  • Just click on “Add to Friends” or image to get her profile link to view her and finally add her.

As most of the above ways doesn’t work, the only way available now is to Get the Attract Women eBook‚  and fall in love with the girl you wished to have. Download it now

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