What is 3D printing

Free‚ 3D printing by 3d printers is becoming a reality as 3d printers starts printing even food. It can completely revolutionise the world of printers, till now 3d printing was never a reality but we are lucky to see the technology advances in this generation. Now 3d printing is never too hard and any X, Y, Z can start printing objects of their desire.

So basically what a 3d printer does it prints a digital model we have designed using a 3d software, isn’t it amazing? Yes it is as it can print any objects such as diamonds, guns now even food. As research progresses we may be able to print even living objects, we are becoming too tech-savy, it seems.

What is 3d printing

What is 3D Printing?

Whether it was invented for fun, it can comercially exploited, as many small businesses started using 3d printers across the world to print objects such as bangles, pots, artistic works which are delievered on the basis of the need of customer, with the coming of 3d printers, small-businesses can cater to their customers with quality,fastness and accuracy. We have talked to some of the top businesses in United State using 3d printers for their daily use, they are so satisfied as with the help of 3d printers they are able to increase the profits to a level which they never thought, they are so suprised that they want to make even much more with their business. It is readily solving the problems of printing requirements and quantity. Before when manual work was done to make parts it was a hard job, but now even if you need a iPhone case, you can just print according to the size, color and dimensions.

The good thing is more startups based on 3d printers are rising all over the world because even making and selling an iPhone case is a profitable business because there are millions of users wishing to get more cooler and comfortable cases at the price you say. This business is going to bloom and it surely will. So in the near future, companies with free 3d printing are going to be successful and more profitable.

There is an enormous amount of money hidden in this 3d printing industry, the best part is you don’t need workers to start a business, as you can design it in your laptop and print it right way to get it sold for a profit for being the most successful entrepreneur of the century, isn’t that cool. Being today is 2014, you are lucky enough to see this page at the beginning of the year, you can earn millions as shown by other successful people in the 3d printing industry.

What is 3D printing

With online stores available, you can print and sell it yourself, if you are creative then it can get sold like hotcakes. I have collected around free 67 ready made 3d print designs which you can get it for free, not just that if you don’t have 3d printer, it doesn’t matter there a list of sites you can use to get it printed at half the normal manufacturing price, if you really want to something big, free 3d printing industry is there for you. If you want to download those designs and secret behind every 3d startup, go to

How to be profitable with 3d Printing

Top 10 Fastest Grown Consumer Electronics of 2011

‚  ‚  ‚  ‚ 2011 is a year that changed the way the tech industry looks. From the death of Steve Jobs to iPhone 4S Siri we saw a lot of ups and downs in the upcoming hi-tech world. I know that all have missed my words so much, as I am blogging after a long break, Pardon me I will blog regularly even if I have exams or classes because I love you people so much. ‚  :-)

2011 was purely gadget revolution. Mobiles moved from Nexus androids to iPhone 4S siri. The current trend is on tablets. Thing that is of a size of tablet which let you access your social tabs in a cool and fresh way. It was already predicted by technologist that buying a tablet in 2011 is not mighty as it is just on the developmental stage and don’t have a stable product yet. That is definitely true. But people thinks Gadgets as earlier, better! Gadgets addicts got their hands dirty on iPad’s, HP Touchpad’s and the super cool Amazon Kindle Fire. This makes our tech industry in 2011 so exciting!


GLOBAL – Fastest Rising Consumer Electronics

1# Amazon Kindle Fire

‚  ‚  ‚  ‚  ‚  ‚  ‚ ‚ 

Amazon Kindle is an e-book reader made by Amazon to read millions of ebooks and magazines. Recently they released the Fire tablet unlike their other tablets this tablet support multimedia, web browsing with a fast dual-core processor same as iPad for just 199$



2# iPhone 4S

It is the most amazing iPhone yet. The dual-core smart phone with IOS 5 (Operating system by Apple) 8 MP camera & 1080p HD video recording, Retina display & iCloud makes it the best iPhone in market. Not just that with their new software Siri everyone is going crazy with 4S. Siri is a voice assistant which guides you as we talk to it.

3# Sidekick 4G

‚  ‚  ‚ ‚ 

It is an amazing new android mobile with 4G features. Only difference between 3G & 4G is 4G has better connectivity and super fast internet access


4# Hp Touchpad

Touchpad is a tablet released by HP. With their own OS and multi-touch screen it became hot selling like pizza but it was discontinued in August.


5# Spb Shell 3d

SPB Shell 3d is a next generation application in the android market with complete 3d buttons, 3d menus and 3d widgets. Definitely it worked as promised.


6# iPad 2

iPad made the first most stable tablets and all others are copies of it. iPad 2 came with iOS 5 and iCloud making it the better version of iPad 1. Everyone bought it like hotcakes and some even sold their kidneys to get one!


7# HTC Sensation

HTC showcased their Sensation with support for 4G. Unlike other sets this sets make sense with its crystal clear pixels and minute detail of every image and video.


8# Samsung Nexus Prime



Nexus is the most stable android phone which comes with a Google logo showing its trust and original piece. All we can know is leaked informations of this phone and the phone has yet to released. All except it to win over iPhone 4S.


9# ‚  ‚ Sony Ngp

Gamers are using the latest version of Sony gaming console PS2, well the next console is already announced to launch early of 2012 and is named NGP which is completely portable with a clean Playstation suite.


10# Ipad 3

Ipad 3 has yet to be launched and Apple is still producing it. The launch of iPad 3 could be in the early springs of 2012 and is confirmed that it runs on Apple A6 quad-core processor and not dual cores.

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