How to Play Youtube Videos Without Ads

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website online owned by Google. Everyone loves to watch videos on YouTube as we can watch the favorite programs online at our convenient time and comfort zone. Nowadays if we look into videos we see more advertisements than videos and the worst thing is we don’t have any options to skip ad and we need to watch the ad at least for‚  30 seconds if we are watching a‚  lot of videos.


If ads come on YouTube it make no difference than your Cable and Digital TV. Well that’s how Google and Publishers earn money from you, but for we streamers it is difficult as our broadband connections in India are so slow and often it takes some time to load and most of the time we waste our time streaming and watch ads of no interest and value for you.


Well to drop such a situation, streaming YouTube videos by VLC Media Player makes sense. VLC media player is a freeware windows application available for download online. Once you download and install the application, the magic happens!



Open the VLC Media Player, Click on Media > Open Network Stream. A window opens for entering network url, enter the YouTube video url and click Play.




VLC‚  Media Player has compatible applications for MAC, Android as well

Trust me you will never see ads on the YouTube video again, enjoy the show with Popcorn and cool drinks :)

How to Protect your Eyes from Computer Screen

Whether you are busy business person or a school student, everyone uses computer these days like anything. With the coming of social networks and blogs people use internet more time than before. May be you need to work almost whole day in front of your computer screen but you forget to protect your eyes from the computer high usage.

Today we have LCD and LED screen still it is a far way safer than CRT and cathode screen which are highly cautious to screen. Even I have to wear glasses from my primary school because I often sit close to the TV screen to watch movies and programmes which I failed to realise when I was a kid. So now I am wearing glasses and it became a permanent attached stuff to my face these days. So to protect yourself‚  from such hazards, I have to warn you to protect your eyes from the computer screen.


To protect your precious eyes which is the dream of many patients without eyes round the world, it is often better to take a break at least every 30 minute during your work. Another tip would be to watch a far object for 2 minutes every 20 minute and to blink your eyes regularly.‚  It is often recommended by doctors for the tears of eyes to come out as it washes away all dust particles covering your eyeball. If you have moisture problem in your eyes there are eye drops which are prescribed by doctors for people who work too much time in front of computers.


Well more technically such an eye problem is caused by your computer screen, for the safety of your eyes it is recommended to use a LCD or LED screen more preferably. Not just that keep at least a 0.3 meter gap between your screen and eyes. If possible work on projector screens and its impact on eyes will be low.



Also it is recommended to reduce the color and keep it as low as possible and there is an amazing software f.lux the software to make your life better. What this software does is that it automatically adapts the brightness of screen according to day or night. It calculates whether it is day or night by your latitude and longitude or zip code.‚  The amazing part it adjusts all the brightness automatically after then your eyes won’t be strained anymore. Go get flux now.


How to Access Blocked Websites Easily

If you are working in office or studying at a university or school then many of the sites would be blocked for the safety and productivity of the workers. In many of the colleges sites including porn sites as well as social media websites are blocked. If you want to access blocked Facebook account from the same system, then you need to bypass the blocking of the website. More technically, blocking of websites or services is done either by IP filtering or domain blocking by using filters as well as firewalls. So to by bypass the blocking of website follow the methods below.


By using a Web Proxy, which opens the blocked website with the server IP and shows it to you. It is like the server act as intermediate between you and the blocked website. Personally I prefer to use HideMyass it is a very reliable and safe web proxy. So if you are in any country that blocks some sites you can access it by using Web Proxy.‚  So to use it just go to the web proxy and enter the blocked site url and access it


Another way is to use Proxy server which are in form of an IP Address and a port number. eg :



So to use such a proxy server enter it into the Internet Settings panel of your browser just like as shown in figure below




Now if the site is still blocked then you can use Google Cache pages to open the site. Google Cache maintains copies of every page, so if you want to access go to and enter and Press GO.


Hence you can unblock all the blocked websites and enjoy Facebook at office even if it is blocked.

Hope you can now access that blocked website, don’t mind commenting below my help guaranteed.

How to Trace Email Location by IP Address

Email is the most common form of communication used these days and it’s use is getting higher day by day due to its fast propagation through the Internet. Well behind every fake bomb blast emails and blackmailing emails we won’t be able to know from where the email has been send. So for finding the culprit behind such cyber crimes, we trace the IP Address of the sender‚  which is kept hidden in every email. So once we can find the IP address of the user, we can trace his location and get in contact with Internet service provider to know who used that IP and his complete details.


To trace an email in Gmail, all you have to do is open the email and click on down arrow on right side of email and click on “Show Original” as shown in the screenshot below.





Now you will be taken to the original email with full headers. To find‚  the sender’s IP, check the X-Received column there would be a domain name with an IP Address written “From”. Copy that IP Address




Now go to which is a free IP Address and domain name search tool. Enter the IP address taken from the last step and click on Search.





Now the details of the IP Address is shown including the organisation name, address, city, state and postal code.



Hence we have traced the sender of email, most of the cases we are using either BSNL or other broadband. They hide the details of user, hence to know the criminal, only way is to ask the authority for giving you information of the user, at least we are able to which ISP they used to send the email, hence we can contact that ISP for investigation.


Hope you enjoyed my simple class, Do leave us a word if you felt it interesting.

Top 3 Free Disposable Email Address Providers

If you are signing up for ‚ a service just to test it out for a short period or just want to download a file whose link is shown only after signing up to the newsletter list, then use disposable email address over your primary email address since it prevents spam being entering your primary mail box, not just that even if the websites sells your email address your mailbox won’t get filled by spam as those spam’s are trashed at disposable email automatically.


The best disposable email address provider is Mailinator, All you have to do is copy the email shown in their homepage and give that email to the spammers. To access the inbox just click on the email you will be taken to the inbox where you can see the emails being received.

Disposable Email

Similarly Guerilla Mail is also a service similar to Mailinator but there is a benefit in using Guerilla Mail, we can even send emails from the Guerilla Disposable Email. ‚ 10 Minute Mail is another disposable email service in which disposable email lasts only for 10 minutes and then destroys itself.


It is better to use disposable emails for joining newsletters and registering on not safe websites.

How to Download Youtube Videos as MP3 Audio Files

Everyone including you and me prefers to watch videos on YouTube, Daily billions of videos are buffered by millions of users over internet. Most of the time you may need to download those videos as MP3 for listening on your mp3 device or making it a caller tuner on your own phone.‚ 

There are lot of softwares and online tools for converting YouTube videos to mp3, but they differ by the speed of performance especially in the time taken for conversion from videos to mp3. Most of softwares for this purpose are not freeware either but trial versions with ads, not just that we need to download the software first to do the video conversion.

The YouTube to Mp3 Converter tool takes is all a millisecond for converting your favourite Michael Jackson album. This conversion takes the same time taken by light to propagate to air, interesting facts isn’t it ??

Youtube Video as Mp3 Download

To Convert a Youtube video to mp3, just enter the YouTube video url and click on Convert Video. The Video will be converted to mp3 with an mp3 download link. Click on the download link to download the file.

Only limit is this tool can be used to download videos of up to 20 minute only. This is an ideal tool to download music albums

Hope you the like the tool and do tell me your reviews on the above service.

BlueStacks: How to Run Android Operating System on Windows PC

Today, ‚ Most of the mobile users prefer Android OS phones over Windows and dead Symbian OS phones. Android seems the phone of the future with its wide use and good framework design of the Android OS. May be you have an android phone but how do people who don’t have access to a mobile phone that supports Android use Android OS?


Here Comes BlueStacks the most amazing and wonderful software for Windows that let you run the latest android os on your system without need of other android simulators or an android phone. The best part is you can use google play store and download android apps, and run those apps directly on your system. Now play the Angry Birds in your large laptop screen and get the greatest enjoyment in playing those games in your wide screens with loudspeakers and friends.

BlueStacks Android Emulator - Download Apps Playstore

If you have a MAC system don’t worry, BlueStacks have another version for MAC OS, start playing Candy Crush, Temple Run and send private messages through Telegram, the Whatsapp Killer app.

Even though BlueStacks have a paid version, there is ‚ a free version with full support but Free Sponsored apps install is must ie. we have to download ‚ an app every day which they recommend for continuing the BlueStacks free license.

I have tried Android OS on VirtualBox, Android ADT simulator by google, all these are too slow and sluggy, BlueStacks is best Android emulator software. Go grab it :)


JuniorHero rates BlueStacks, 4.5 out of 10.

How to Download Google Play Store Apps Without Android Phone

Usually you need an android phone or tablet with a working google play account to download apps from play store. We know it is a hectic task most of the time and mostly we would love to download it online and transfer to android phone via cable or memory cards.

Here comes an amazing APK download tool, to download any application all you have to do is enter the application package name or application url in play store. This doesn’t mean you can download premium apps by this method, this app lets you download only free apps of Play store

google play store apk downloader

Once the URL is entered, click on Generate Download Link and then the app is fetched within a second by app and a download link is generated. Just click on the link to download the app for free. ‚ 


The good thing is that we can test apps not made for our phone or not available for our device unofficially by this method as we can download all apps irrespective of region, device support or availability.

Link – ‚ APK Downloader

JuniorHero gives this app ‚ a 4 out of ‚ 5 Stars.

Download & Enjoy.

How To Remove Fake Profiles From Facebook

Facebook is the #1 social networking site worldwide with over 1 Billion active users. ‚ Every grandma as well as pets in your neighbourhood must be having ‚ a Facebook page or profile with over thousands of followers which makes them feel like rock stars.‚ Every big organisation as well as actors has a cool Facebook profile that get’s them around 300-450 likes every 10 second.‚ You won’t know when you become famous, because may be someday that crazy video made by you may start trending that makes you the next cyber rock star.


Few days back one of my friend’s friend messaged me saying she was in a blackmailing situation caused by a guy who loved her but she didn’t accept the relationship, as a result he copied down all the photos and data from her Facebook account and made it into a new profile under her name with seducing and immoral updates. ‚ Not just that she was worried to go for cyber cell or communicate with police. The good thing is she asked me to solve the problem, well thanks to her I got an experience to share.

So in this situation, talking with accused doesn’t seem to work because he has his own intentions and is willing to do anything, it is the victim‚ that gets affected badly. When it comes to Facebook profiles, the good thing is that there is a “Report / Mark as Spam”, so all we have to do is report but to remove it or not is the decision by the FB governance executives, Normally we will get a reply within 24 hours.‚ But most of the cases, they won’t remove the profile if the profile is made long time back or has lot of friends, lot of photo’s the chance of removal is 0.01%. ‚  ‚  ‚ Well in that case, for a profile to get removed, you have to get that profile reported by 55 Facebook Users, If it is reported by 55 users the profile get removed within 24 hours.


If the profile is made few days back, then the profile will get removed automatically even without action by a FB authority, seems FB has developed algorithm to check whether it is fake profile, by several days since profile made, lack of profile picture.

So if you are in such a situation, all you have to do is report the profile yourself and if not remove get it reported by 55 friends, it will be removed for sure. Sometimes I think for verification of FB profiles especially in case of Misrepresentation, they should ask for some valid proof and on submission they will match it with the license database and validates whether the user is real or not.

If you need help in fighting Cyber crime ‚ especially in Fake Facebook profiles, Don’t forget to ask me for help :)‚ Seems I am blogging after ‚ a long time, your comments are appreciated for inspiration and refreshment.

What is 3D printing

Free‚ 3D printing by 3d printers is becoming a reality as 3d printers starts printing even food. It can completely revolutionise the world of printers, till now 3d printing was never a reality but we are lucky to see the technology advances in this generation. Now 3d printing is never too hard and any X, Y, Z can start printing objects of their desire.

So basically what a 3d printer does it prints a digital model we have designed using a 3d software, isn’t it amazing? Yes it is as it can print any objects such as diamonds, guns now even food. As research progresses we may be able to print even living objects, we are becoming too tech-savy, it seems.

What is 3d printing

What is 3D Printing?

Whether it was invented for fun, it can comercially exploited, as many small businesses started using 3d printers across the world to print objects such as bangles, pots, artistic works which are delievered on the basis of the need of customer, with the coming of 3d printers, small-businesses can cater to their customers with quality,fastness and accuracy. We have talked to some of the top businesses in United State using 3d printers for their daily use, they are so satisfied as with the help of 3d printers they are able to increase the profits to a level which they never thought, they are so suprised that they want to make even much more with their business. It is readily solving the problems of printing requirements and quantity. Before when manual work was done to make parts it was a hard job, but now even if you need a iPhone case, you can just print according to the size, color and dimensions.

The good thing is more startups based on 3d printers are rising all over the world because even making and selling an iPhone case is a profitable business because there are millions of users wishing to get more cooler and comfortable cases at the price you say. This business is going to bloom and it surely will. So in the near future, companies with free 3d printing are going to be successful and more profitable.

There is an enormous amount of money hidden in this 3d printing industry, the best part is you don’t need workers to start a business, as you can design it in your laptop and print it right way to get it sold for a profit for being the most successful entrepreneur of the century, isn’t that cool. Being today is 2014, you are lucky enough to see this page at the beginning of the year, you can earn millions as shown by other successful people in the 3d printing industry.

What is 3D printing

With online stores available, you can print and sell it yourself, if you are creative then it can get sold like hotcakes. I have collected around free 67 ready made 3d print designs which you can get it for free, not just that if you don’t have 3d printer, it doesn’t matter there a list of sites you can use to get it printed at half the normal manufacturing price, if you really want to something big, free 3d printing industry is there for you. If you want to download those designs and secret behind every 3d startup, go to

How to be profitable with 3d Printing