5 Ways To Tweet Longer than 140 Characters

Well it is cool to know twitter is microblogging service with 140 character limit termed tweets. But most of time we need to write tweets longer than 140 characters, but twitter doesn’t allow you to tweet more than 140 characters at a go. Thanks to developers who came to rescue such a requirement with their own services and web applications which solved the problem of 140 character tweets limit.

Here we can move through the top 5 apps to extend those 140 characters limit up to 14,000 characters. Sounds cool isn’t it?

#1 TwitLonger

As the app says, it lets you extend the character limit to infinite, as this service allows you to write what you want to say and it shares a tweet with a link to the full text. So all the text is stored on the Twitlonger site, so if your followers want to read the complete tweet they need to go to Twitlonger website to read the tweet. It is just like blogging, we share the link to our followers after we publish the post on our website.

tweet longer

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#2 Twenth

Just like Twitlonger, this app lets you tweet longer than 140 characters and it auto-posts to your twitter account, with a link to full text where user can read the complete tweet. It is also a cool service.

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#3 Twishort

Twishort cuts short your long tweet automatically along with a link to your complete tweet. Following that link users can read the tweet. So express your ideas clearly by explaining it better and let the people understand it much clearer.

#4 TweetExtend

TweetExtend lets you tweet up to 14000 characters per tweet. Like the other services it helps you tweet longer and publish a link to your tweet, so that your users can browse through the link and read the tweet.

#5 Tall Tweets

Tall tweets let you tweet long either as text or image. Image seems much cool way of tweeting long as twitter automatically fetched the picture within the Twitter portal, so that users don’t have to browse away to read those tweets.


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How to Convert HTML Webpage to PDF online for Free

Most of the time you must be surfing either on Wikipedia or any other informational site for your projects and assignments. Well it is more comfortable if you can download those pages as a PDF file so that you can refer and understand the topics any of your devices whether you are online or offline.

To convert web pages as PDF isn’t hard as you think, all you to do is to start surfing online and enjoy reading those pages which you may be interested in presenting it to the next college presentation day or do the research which you were dreaming of doing it for long time. Well to save those pages as PDF, just follow the steps below

Convert Webpages to PDF for Free Online

  1. Go to the webpage you want to download as PDF
  2. Copy the webpage URL
  3. Enter the URL in URL textbox.
  4. Click on Get PDF
  5. Your PDF is ready for download and print.


Well that’s all you have to do to download those webpages as PDF. Technology is best understood when we simplify it, so is JuniorHero tutorials. It can’t get simpler than this.

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How to Password Protect PDF Files Online For Free

PDF being the most used format for publishing eBooks and other useful information has its own drawbacks under security threats. Most of the time ebooks of popular authors and best selling publications are often being spread through torrents and being sold pirated copies over the internet for free. This leads to lose of intellectual properties whose lose can’t even been estimated. So it is recommended to protect your PDF files including your office files at least giving a password protection so that it doesn’t fall in the wrong hands.

Higher the length of password including symbols, alphabets and numbers longer will it take to decode the password, so it is recommended to keep the password as long as possible, so even any brute force crackers can’t figure out the password. Remember not to use a common password like 123456, apple etc. as they are easily figured out by hackers. So make sure you keep your password unique and unknown to anyone other than you.


So to lock a PDF file all you have to do is upload the PDF file of size up to 200 MB, then enter a password you desire and click on protect. Your password protected PDF file will be generated in no time. You can also upload files from Dropbox and Google Drive.

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How to Unlock Locked PDF files for Free

PDF stands for Portable Document Format is most used file format for business purpose just like word and excel sheets. Most of time the PDF files may be locked to protect the document from being copied, pasted or printed. Well this is annoying as you can’t do what you want to do. Well we techies don’t believe in impossible as everything is possible in the technical world, so is solution to unlock PDF files easy in one click.


To unlock a PDF file, just browse the file on your system and click upload. Once the file is uploaded, your file gets unlocked and an unlocked copy of file can be downloaded with ease, all under few seconds depending upon the size of PDF file.

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How to Send an Email on a Future Date

No matter whether the days pass, email is still most preferred and used form of communication worldwide, so is sending emails. Don’t get amazed with this article, you are going to discover a crazy way of sending emails, well not just emails but the email on a future date.


OhLife a service funded by Y-Combinator brings that craziness to next level, well at least it helps you to remember your life. The service is so simple that you can give a email address. message and a date with year up to 2024. Sounds crazy?? yes it is, we are not even sure whether the service will last till 2024, but we have high expectations not on them atleast overselves, we are having high hopes, something like if you are the Bill Gates of 2024, you will get the email in 2024, I wished to be rich and help the poor and needy out. Trust me those emails will guide you even further to reach your dreams and do what you dreamed of.

Since the service is funded by Yahoo, don’t worry they won’t go offline without sending your emails. So why not schedule an email for future of saying what you did this day and what you want to see yourself in future. So at that moment you won’t even remember such a stuff you did, but it will break your heart and bring you tears of joy. So why not schedule an email now on OhLife

Government Taps Vodafone Phone Calls in India

Don’t get amazed if you are a Vodafone phone user in Asian countries such as India, the mobile operator Vodafone has allowed the Government of India to snoop on phone calls made in Vodafone network, literally that means users of other network are also tapped as you may be a BSNL user calling your friend on a Vodafone number hence your call with him is also recorded.

Edward Snowden

This is shocking as the users didn’t know they were being traced as such and direct by government. So like Aircel being shut down in South India, may be the Vodafone too has to shut down the services as the user base will start falling very soon. So if you are planning to move to Vodafone think twice before you make that move and move to some other trusted network.

Well Edward Snowden has revealed something even more shocking, thanks to people like him at least we are coming to know the secrets of government. But the authorities are not happy with his announcements as it helps terrorist to be more careful and alert.

Get Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 Genuine License Key for Free

Get a Free Genuine Bitdefender internet security license key for free now. This is time of high online usage including using of social accounts and opening of emails, the chance of spreading infections is faster than it seems before. About 50% higher is the chance of online infections than last year, so it is necessary to stay protected from the world of data stealing, pornography and protecting your kids as they take the cyber journey.


BitDefender security is proved to be faster than all other internet security products including security to your private data and make sure all your transactions remains protected. During a test conducted by a cyber research organisation, they found Bitdefender to be extremely performing than all other internet security programs. With over 400 million users that use Bitdefender to protect their information, they are‚  the most used internet security package ever.

PC Magazine of 2014 has rated Bitdefender as #1 Internet Security program. With the addition of Bitdefender safepay, all your banking transactions stay safe from wrong hands. Bitdefender autopilot answers all security related questions itself, so you are being protected in the best way possible.


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Top 10 Features of Apple iOS 8

Apple announced the release of‚  iOS 8 at during WWDC 2014 leading to steep increase in the trust of Apple users and shareholders. The good thing is iOS 8 has led to steep competition to Google Android OS with the announcement of its outstanding features. It is to be noted that this is the simpler and outstanding Release since launch of App Store.




#1 App Notifications Under User Control

Apple Users can control the notifications of Email, Facebook, SMS, Apps without need of opening the app and directly from the page where you are working.


#2 Improved Messaging App

Users can send messages easier than before. With new included features such as Tap to talk and ability to share videos, pictures and location with anyone you want

#3‚  The New Health App

This time Apple has given much importance for giving a common page to all the health apps and ability to communicate between the health apps for improved and accurate prediction of your health details, this way you can keep track of your health much faster and easier. Not just that all those health devices such as Fitbit and Fuel band are supported in this health app by Apple

#4 Auto Prediction Feature for Texting

Next time when you text you don’t have to complete the words, your apple learns it and understands, so you can text faster and quicker than you can imagine.

#5‚  The all new Family Sharing & Buying Feature

With the all new Family buying and sharing features, up to 6 people can connect with each others store account and download stuffs which your family members has bought. Not just that you can share your photos and calendar with them

#6 Device Switching and Multiple Device Supportability

Next time you don’t have to message from your iPhone, you can do it from your Mac, yeah the next level of connectivity. The best part is you can attend the calls on your Macbook or iPad or any Apple device. In this way all your Apple device are connected.

#7 Improved Safari Browser

Safari has evolved to something new and truly useful. With the new features such as Tab view you can multi-task easier. Not just that with the added sidebar you can add bookmarks and links that matter. The best part is gestures are added for opening mails and marking them as read. Next time when there is a phone number or fight ticket number on your email, it can understand it.

#8 iCloud, the cloud storage app by Apple

Now store and access all your files anywhere including Windows PC or wherever you want.

#9 Improved Spotlight Search

Now this app detects your location and shows search results from where you are so the results are more accurate and useful.

#10 Improved Photo App in iOS 8

In iOS 8, all your photos are straightened automatically with ability to adjust light efficiently so that your photos are wonderful as you are.

How to Download Any Youtube Video as HD MP4 FLV

You might be a cool movie freak or a guy loving a lot of romantic songs or‚  a house mom crazed about the TV serial episodes, whoever you are download all your favorite programs form YouTube easy as dropping ice in your drink.‚  Even if you are not good at tech you can download the videos without downloading browser plugins or softwares or paying for softwares.


Not just that you can download videos as HD even if the video doesn’t have an HD which means you can download the programs and watch it in HD even you don’t have HD supported devices, Download and enjoy the programs with popcorn and just keep rocking.


The best thing is you can download videos from Metacafe, DailyMotion,‚  Vimeo, Facebook and many others, so start downloading all your favorite episodes from SaveVid


To download the video from YouTube, just copy the video url and paste it in SaveVid, the download links will be generated instantly.

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How to Prevent Computer From Sleeping

Whether it is your computer or you, both the creatures love to sleep if you feel tired, lazy or out of mood. Well when you feel sleepy to be awake, you would be having coffee or watching that Sunny Leone or Mr Bean Show that switches off your boredom from the time you think about that. Well when you think about that with regard to computers they too feel sleepy if we don’t do any activity or not use their brain. It sounds cool because it saves a lot of power being wasted due to non-usage of the system, but at a same time it feels annoyed especially to we technology loving people.


Usually we never switch off the system because most of the time we would be downloading programs and movie and we never intend to switch that internet off if we are using an unlimited internet plan. While I was moving across Microsoft forum, I found many people are having problem with their system that sleeps at every moment of inactivity. I saw a lot of ways to fix the problem including changing the settings on Control > Power Management but the solution seem not easy as it seem and most of time it is not solving the problem.


Well then I thought for an innovative solution and came up with simple analysis of problem. A computer never goes to sleep if there is activity either from Mouse or Keyboard, isn’t that right? So if we can automate the action of mouse or keyboard we are able to prevent system from sleeping.


There comes Mouse Jiggler a 53 KB, windows portable application which let you automate the motion of mouse backward and forth by a pixel which your eyes can’t visualise, you can continue to work even with this application running and forget about setting power management stuff. Next time if you want to download anything, run this app and worry no more.

Run the app and click on “Enable jiggle?” to make the mouse start jiggling