Mobile Phones with One TeraByte Memory Soon


An enormous use of cell phones is their capacity to hold quite a bit of your information – photographs, features, your whole music library – on a little gadget. Anyhow throughout the years, their capacity abilities, generally close to 64 GB, haven’t kept pace with all the motion pictures, recreations, applications and other memory-hoarding details of present day computerized life. It’s disappointing to need to erase music or features each time you need to store something new on your telephone. However on account of a few advances in memory configuration and development, we may be going to extend our gadgets in a huge manner.


At Rice University, a group drove by physicist James Tour has created an achievement in RRAM (resistive random-access memory) innovation.”Because it’s this amazing material, the industry understands it” Tour said, noting that the way to the adaptability of the configuration is modern accessibility. For sure, Rice’s RRAM can be produced at room temperature and moderately lower voltages contrasted and different renditions.

RRAM is the following venture for an industry that is discovering the points of confinement to glimmer memory. Like glimmer, RRAM needn’t bother with consistent force. But on the other hand its much quicker, since it can be incorporated with more adaptable exhibits and stacked into greater pieces. Streak memory has stayed aware of Moore’s Law – the perpetually expanding force of microchips – by giving more usefulness to the gadgets on the chips, he says. At the same time RRAM improves and more productive occupation.Tour’s group is one of numerous chipping away at the issue, however he accepts his methodology has an edge as a result of its utilization of silicon oxide rather than more intriguing materials. Tour accepts it’ll be a world like that depicted in the motion picture “Minority Report,” with adaptable, rollable advanced “daily papers” and writable keen windows.

Top 5 Sites to Video Chat Online

Chat with strangers like never before. With the comfort of pillow meet interesting people from round the globe at your fingertips. The site Chatroulette got a colossal accomplishment with their webcam talk.


Specified here are the top 5 websites to text or video chat strangers online.


Meet cool singles round the globe through chatroulette. It is the most used text and video chatting site round the globe. So have a look on it


Omegle is the magnificent approach to spend your time with hot guys and girls by text and video chat, you never know you discover close companion from any part of the world.


Facebuzz is additionally an arbitrary free feature talking stage for the individuals who have a webcam! This site permits you to text, talk and video chat with outsiders and communicates with them progressively. Facebuzz is additionally accessible in various dialects. It has fast login through Facebook authentication and begin talking. You can begin utilizing Facebuzz now.


Here you can make your own talk room and welcome your companions to sit down to talk with you. General Tinychat looks to be sheltered spot for group chat of you and your friends. Start texting strangers online


So what are you waiting for find your dream girl now :P

How much Bandwidth Does Youtube Use?

A normal Video  consumes around 10mb for 60 seconds of video, while this may again contrast focused around the quality and squeezing angles. Presently on the off chance that you see the same feature which is of 15 minutes span transferred to a feature facilitating site, the rough measure of data transfer capacity you would expend would be around 150mb. The transmission capacity is computed on the aggregate sum of information downloaded and transferred from your machine.

Next you have to comprehend the Different b/w Downloading & Streaming Video in light of the fact that all the features which you discover on YouTube are the Downloading Videos variant where in the play button transfers the videos to the system through the site. This implies that when you get to a YouTube feature page there won’t be much data transfer capacity use however when you click on the Play Button and afterward hold up for the feature to load, the record is generally downloaded to your machine.

Press the Play catch once for the records to begin stacking and after that press on the Pause catch so the download advancement is proceeded with and once its finished toward the end you can without much of a stretch play and perspective without any issues.

Regardless of the possibility that you later close all these windows without review the features, the transfer speed is still charged by your ISP in light of the fact that the information was really downloaded to your machine. You have to perform a Speed Test to discover the bandwidth you are consistently offered by the ISP in light of the fact that the higher speed you have, the faster these videos would stack on your machine.



The principle issue is that nowadays the Internet Service Providers offer their clients with rapid associations however with restricted downloads, which implies that on the off chance that somebody gets a 3mbps Internet association they additionally need to affirm the measure of data transfer capacity information they can use in a months period on the grounds that getting to feature facilitating sites can without much of a stretch shell up the month to month costs.


As indicated by Wikipedia, the most extreme measure of data transfer would be around 300 Kilobits every second. This implies that on the off chance that we figure this sum as Kilobytes you have to gap it by 8, making this at 300/8 = 37.5 Kbps.

So go check your bandwidth when you stream youtube videos at Speedtest now

FREE Google Docs Website Uptime Monitor with Email & SMS

We are the webmasters, bloggers and server administrators. We know that bad feeling on the customers when they try to access your website. Never ever make your visitors feel alone. Give them a guarantee your website will live through the deepest of technical problems as you are there to cope it out.

Never ever pay for website monitoring services such as pingdom for keeping an eye on your website every 60 seconds. Sounds cool? All you have to do is to go to our google docs page (at bottom of this page) link and make a copy of it. Then enter your website url and your email in the column just like the one shown in the screenshot below

google docs


Then go to Tools > Script Editor. The script editor will be loaded on a new tab,then click on Resources > Current Project’s triggers. From the Project triggers, click on isMysiteDown  trigger and set it for every minute

google docs


The google docs spreadsheet app will ask for permissions, grant the permissions

You will get email at the very moment when your website is down through email. To get SMS alerts, you need to set the mobile alerts in your Google Calendar. To do that go to Google Calendar > Settings > Mobile Setup > Verify your Mobile number . Now verify your mobile phone and go to notification tab and select SMS as default notification option.


google docs



Now you will receive your site downtime via sms and email.

Website Monitoring Google Docs Page



How Microsoft Has Impacted My Life

Microsoft Student Associate is for students who are passionate about technology and is willing to give back to the society through technological ideas and solutions with help of Microsoft products and solutions. Well this is my entry for participating in the Microsoft Student Associate program.


As I mentioned in my About Me page of the JuniorHero blog, I made my first footprints with computer when I asked my mom, will she buy me a computer as a home becomes a home when there ia computer. She said no, but after my summer final exams she asked me to check a closed room in my home and I got surprised, computer has become a reality for first time in our home, then I said “now my home has become a real home“. My mom bought me a brand new Compaq Desktop PC with 256 MB Ram, AMD Athlon Processor, a Compaq CRT monitor, Microsoft Keyboard & Mouse and a Microsoft Windows XP installed. As a kid, it was a device which made me wonder like anything. Well my elder sister was there to guide me how to use this thing, elderly since she was in 6th standard, and I am in 4th standard of schooling.

There were some games such as Roadrash installed in the system, my sister held my hand over her hand and taught me how to mouse here and there. Well it was a big fun for me and most of time I would fight with her to let me use the system. It was not once or twice, but more than ten times I crashed my windows system by changing windows settings and switching off the computer without properly turning off, the computer technician was a regular visitor of our family. But after every such an incident, I gained more confidence and understood what each thing is for. It was like computer is destiny I am destined by god. I felt so depressed when my system doesn’t work and once my system processor got dead and capacitor lost the capacity since I didn’t switch off my system for days.‚  Well my story with Microsoft is like a baby who tries to walk but falls, but doesn’t stop trying until success.

Today when I look back I feel my foundation of computer knowledge is too strong and I can showcase wonders to the world all because of Microsoft devices & OS which was affordable to middle class homes like us as well as easy to use with GUI unlike other OS and costly Apple products.‚  Microsoft has impacted my life truly positive way.

So I believe now is the time for me to give back to society and show my gratitude to Microsoft by helping students and passionate techies with solutions they face such as Excel for spreadsheets, for file sharing and safe storage OneDrive, for email Outlook, for building powerful presentations – Powerpoint, the best OS – Windows 8.1, for gamers – Xbox, for Video Calling – Skype, for search Skype and so on.

As a MSA, I will share solutions to all technical problems students face as well as they can ask me for help for any Microsoft or technical product. Not just that I will actively participate in Microsoft forums and share solutions to all Microsoft problems on my blog.

As a MSA, I will involve in active discussions with people who have interest in technology and work towards improvement of Microsoft products by developing new Windows apps for people to use and involve easily. Not just that I will use Microsoft technology to solve problems by creating apps that can solve problems of the day such as Blood Donation and Women Safety apps.

So if you believe that I deserve to be a MSA, do share, like and comment on this article.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Microsoft Xbox One Without Kinect

Microsoft just announced the new Xbox One without kinect at Microsoft Headquarters, well it has created an impulse in the minds of gamers as well as Microsoft competitor Sony. Once a time people preferred to buy Sony Playstation over Microsoft Xbox only because of a price factor, but now it is hundred dollar cheaper than you think, now this would decrease the demand of PlayStation at a larger scale. Gamers as well as developers are eagerly waiting for their new device shipped from the Microsoft Headquarters, meanwhile we got an opportunity to give you a clear cut review of this wonderful device the Microsoft Xbox One Without Kinect.


Here we lay down the top 10 reasons why you should get a Microsoft Xbox One without Kinect todayxbox-one

#1 Price

Price is the greatest reason, with reduction over 100$, Sony PlayStation chooser can’t ignore Microsoft Xbox one over price like they were doing before.

#2 More Gamers

With fall of price in the gadget, we can expect more gamers to buy this device and start playing today. So that means you got more neighbors to play the game with as gamers are connected with each other using over 30000 servers

#3 Free Games

With more gamers, we can expect the developers to release the game for free at least for trial version, so you are the ones who is going to get better

#4 New Developers & New Games

With the increase in demand of Microsoft Xbox One without Kinect, we can expect new developers to release new games. So close your eyes and watch out for more games for you to play and enjoy.

#5 No More Annoying Family Calls on Skype

With absence of kinect you don’t have to get disturbed by family calls on Skype while you play the games with full concentration, the concentration which we should be actually giving while we study for exams.

The Microsoft Xbox one without Kinect is made available on Microsoft Store for 399$, go to Microsoft Official Store and search for Xbox One, go get it before out of stock. Do tell me if you know any other crazy acts you were doing with the Kinect other than the family Skype calls.


How to Change Default Folder View in Windows 8

Changing the default view of folders in Windows 8 is easier than you think. As the default Folder view kept while installing Windows 8, Windows 7 and other older versions is so annoying, we prefer to change the view. I feel so uncomfortable when I see the folders shown as list view or when the folders are shown in small icons which is so uncomfortable to find the right folder you are looking for. As in list mode we see a lot of unwanted data like the last modified and size which we hardly check when we come to know the hard disk space is either so low or is consuming so much space.



So to Change the Default Folder View in Windows 8


  1. Browse to your Hard Disk Partition either by going to My Computer icon or entering explorer.exe on Run tool
  2. Click on View on the toolbar
  3. Select your desired view from the View menu, let it be Large Icons
  4. Select Large Icons, you will see all the folders have changed to Large Icons type of presentation
  5. Now Click on Options
  6. Folder Options Window Appears
  7. Click on View Tab
  8. Select Apply To Folders
  9. A dialog box appears asking whether the change can be made or not
  10. Click on Yes Button
  11. Now check the sub folders of the folder, the change has occurred.




That’s how we change the default folder view, it is so simple. I seen a lot of tutorials make it seem complicated, it isn’t complicated as you think. Do give it a try and give a feedback below.

How To Convert Image To Text Without OCR Software

Most of the time we wish‚  if the text in the images are converted to readable text which we can either copy paste or do changes and add it to documents we wanted to. But most of the time we either need a scanner and OCR software to read the text from the documents , most of the time it is complicated process.

Sometimes it isn’t cool if we can take the scan with a mobile camera and do the optical character recognition in less than second?‚  Yes, here comes another use for Microsoft OneDrive, which can do a OCR process as we upload any document.



So if we have a JPG or any format picture of a printed text, upload it to OneDrive by signing into your Microsoft account. Once the file is upload open it, on the right side of the file we can see the text recognized from the uploaded document.

I have tried many other OCR softwares, but those recognitions seems not correct as in the OneDrive. Do try it out and give me a feedback



How to Read Any Link on Facebook Without Clicking it

Most of the time you might see a lot of news stories on your Facebook timeline if you have liked a lot of Facebook pages. But it is always annoying as to read the story we need to browse away to their site which is time taking and often we skip articles which we think not that worth to read it on their website.

So in that case, there comes a Google Chrome extension to solve your worries of reading that page within Facebook itself. This plugin shows the pages as a preview of the site when we keep the mouse over the link, the page is displayed as Hover over the link. Sounds cool? Sorry to Firefox users no such extension has been developed for Mozilla Firefox users.


So to use this technology

  1. Download the HoverReader plugin
  2. Install it on Google Chrome
  3. Surf to Facebook or Google Search
  4. Keep the mouse over the link you intend to open
  5. The page is shown as Hover over the link

Download HoverReader and cultivate the habit of reading articles now.