Top 5 Sites to Video Chat Online

Chat with strangers like never before. With the comfort of pillow meet interesting people from round the globe at your fingertips. The site Chatroulette got a colossal accomplishment with their webcam talk.


Specified here are the top 5 websites to text or video chat strangers online.


Meet cool singles round the globe through chatroulette. It is the most used text and video chatting site round the globe. So have a look on it


Omegle is the magnificent approach to spend your time with hot guys and girls by text and video chat, you never know you discover close companion from any part of the world.


Facebuzz is additionally an arbitrary free feature talking stage for the individuals who have a webcam! This site permits you to text, talk and video chat with outsiders and communicates with them progressively. Facebuzz is additionally accessible in various dialects. It has fast login through Facebook authentication and begin talking. You can begin utilizing Facebuzz now.


Here you can make your own talk room and welcome your companions to sit down to talk with you. General Tinychat looks to be sheltered spot for group chat of you and your friends. Start texting strangers online


So what are you waiting for find your dream girl now :P

How to Access Blocked Websites Easily

If you are working in office or studying at a university or school then many of the sites would be blocked for the safety and productivity of the workers. In many of the colleges sites including porn sites as well as social media websites are blocked. If you want to access blocked Facebook account from the same system, then you need to bypass the blocking of the website. More technically, blocking of websites or services is done either by IP filtering or domain blocking by using filters as well as firewalls. So to by bypass the blocking of website follow the methods below.


By using a Web Proxy, which opens the blocked website with the server IP and shows it to you. It is like the server act as intermediate between you and the blocked website. Personally I prefer to use HideMyass it is a very reliable and safe web proxy. So if you are in any country that blocks some sites you can access it by using Web Proxy.‚  So to use it just go to the web proxy and enter the blocked site url and access it


Another way is to use Proxy server which are in form of an IP Address and a port number. eg :



So to use such a proxy server enter it into the Internet Settings panel of your browser just like as shown in figure below




Now if the site is still blocked then you can use Google Cache pages to open the site. Google Cache maintains copies of every page, so if you want to access go to and enter and Press GO.


Hence you can unblock all the blocked websites and enjoy Facebook at office even if it is blocked.

Hope you can now access that blocked website, don’t mind commenting below my help guaranteed.

Top 3 Free Disposable Email Address Providers

If you are signing up for ‚ a service just to test it out for a short period or just want to download a file whose link is shown only after signing up to the newsletter list, then use disposable email address over your primary email address since it prevents spam being entering your primary mail box, not just that even if the websites sells your email address your mailbox won’t get filled by spam as those spam’s are trashed at disposable email automatically.


The best disposable email address provider is Mailinator, All you have to do is copy the email shown in their homepage and give that email to the spammers. To access the inbox just click on the email you will be taken to the inbox where you can see the emails being received.

Disposable Email

Similarly Guerilla Mail is also a service similar to Mailinator but there is a benefit in using Guerilla Mail, we can even send emails from the Guerilla Disposable Email. ‚ 10 Minute Mail is another disposable email service in which disposable email lasts only for 10 minutes and then destroys itself.


It is better to use disposable emails for joining newsletters and registering on not safe websites.

How to Change MAC Address of Network Adaptor & LAN Card

Being living in 2014, you can expect each and everyone is tracked deeply in each of their online activities, so this is right time to secure yourself from the eyes who are closely tracking you in realtime, Trust me google knows each and every activity you do online including your ip address, your location, browsing sites, watching habits, not just that it reads through your emails using their own built detection mechanism that tracks the activities and passes it to their filters, so to trigger in case of terrorist or illegal activities. So whether you do something good online, you are still being spied by NSA’s and other legal bodies. Network Security In this article, I will share how to change MAC address of your device to something of your choice so that you can cheat those who spy on you to the level they can’t think or never achieve upon. In the upcoming articles, I will share with you how to secure your browser, use proxy, use VPN and other defensive mechanisms that secures yourself from the devils of the internet. So to change your MAC address, all you do is download is TMAC ‚ which is a freeware virus free software and start using according to the steps I mention. The ‚ good thing is you change your MAC address irrespective of your NIC manufacturer or drivers, this works with devices of all kinds. What this software does is that it changes the hard cored value software in the firmware of the adaptor by editing the registry values of our system. Believe me we can’t do that registry edit without a software like TMAC, so TMAC can significantly help us in changing MAC address of our choice. TMAC MAC Adress Changer It works on IPv6 as well as on windows 7 and windows 8 operating systems. So to change MAC address follow the steps below

  1. Start TMAC which will list all your network adaptors.
  2. Select the adaptor you want to change the MAC address
  3. In the information tab you can see the current MAC address of the device including the details of Active as well as Original MAC address
  4. Type the MAC address of your choice to change MAC address column, or for a random accepted value by the system click on the Random MAC Address.
  5. After you have set the MAC address of your choice, you can either choose to make MAC address persistent, don’t worry if you want to change all you have to do is come back to this application and click on activate original mac address. It is always under your control.
  6. Use ’02’ as octet is optional, you don’t have to set those options to make it working.
  7. Click on Change Now.
  8. Your new MAC address will be set and you can go to Networking Center from Control Panel and click on settings of adaptor and see if the MAC address is changed or not, it would be changed for sure.
  9. Now Enjoy!!

Download this app from CNET now —-> Download Link

How To Send Free National International SMS Online

WhatsApp, Facebook and other alternatives are there but still SMS is used so much by the people at least for texting their loved ones when they are not online or not picking up the call or wants to wish them during celebration days. It is almost cool as we do a 140 tweet ‚ but for every message you have to empty your pockets, thanks to network providers they come with SMS packs that are affordable for the youth who text heavily. But with the internet, you don’t have to pay a buck for the sms because you can send it all online.‚ Believe Me, we can send even international free online not just limited to United states, even to gulf countries.

Way2SMS is #1 free sms provider of India. It has clearly beaten all the similar free sms sites, all it takes is less than 1 second for the recipient to get the message. ‚ For start using all you have to do is to go to the site and click on Register and enter your personal details including your mobile number in which Way2Sms sends a confirmation code to verify your authenticity. Once you ‚ have provided the genuine confirmation you can start using the service.

Send Free SMS Online

There are separate option to Send SMS to a‚ person or to a group, All you to do is the enter the 10 digit mobile number and enter your message in 140 characters and click send your message will be delivered in less than 10 seconds normally.

For Sending international SMS, click on Free International SMS on Way2SMS tab then you have to login to your Facebook account, then enter the mobile number with country code and then the message and click send. Currently Way2SMS support sending sms to 209 countries for Free, Isn’t that cool?? ‚ It is an achievement in the trait of sending of free sms online.

We users can send any number of messages online, without spending a single penny from the pockets we can get send sms like we own the service provider. Not just that it provides the feature of sending sms in future termed “Future SMS”, all you have to do is the set the day and time in hour:minutes then forget it. You can use it as a reminder for yourself, so that even if you forget something important, it reminds isn’t that cool.

01-01-2014 04-08-16 AM

Also there is an address book feature where you can save your friends number in the form of Name, Number and add it to groups, but be careful since all those numbers are used up marketing agencies and if you check those numbers in TrueCaller, (a mobile number search engine for finding name of the mobile number user) you will be shocked to see the name you have given will be showing on TrueCaller, seems truecaller directly fetches mobile number usernames directly from Way2SMS, but it is a corporate thing neither of our business, so it is better to keep those numbers stored either in the phone or in an Excel sheet or in any phonebook software or in VCF formats.

The good thing is Way2SMS has apps for Android, Blackberry, Apple iPhone devices. So download them and use them along in your phone, so you don’t have to store or type those numbers again, you can directly fetch mobile numbers from your phones adressbook.

So start sending SMS online, if you meet any problem please drop me a comment, I would be happy to solve your issue rightaway. I have used this service myself and I’m still using it, it is too good for sending SMS especially it’s reliability is awesome.


After all Happy New Year 2014 to you :)

7 tips to promote your business online

Making money online, just like any other brand, products and services, will need effective marketing plan to reach your potential customers to let them know that you are there. Here are some of the best marketing tips that you must follow to increase the traffic to your website, which will help you to increase your clients and sales of your services and products.

Here we go,

1. Make use of PPC:

Despite many marketers knowing about pay-per-click, not many are making the best use of these programmes, but there are hundreds of sites who still offer such programmes. If you choose the correct websites, that offer targeted advertising on a pay per click basis and if you find your online money-making business working well, and then cling on to it.

2. Write Articles:

This is one of the excellent ways to promote your online business to be recognized in the virtual world, as stated by all internet business experts. It is very easy for people to blog of their own these days and can hire writers to get articles about their website be written in an attractive way for boosting the business. If this being the case, then submit few of your articles on article directories and promote your business through these directories.

3. Pay Per Sale:

Pay per sale is a no risk advertising programme, for your online business for selling your products and services that you will not require paying unless a sale has been made. This is a no risk and no loss program as some of the related programs are affiliate programming and joint ventures.

4. Free Online Forum:

Forums are places where people of similar interests and requirements discuss on varied topics like clubs and parties. This way, online forums are places to let people to know more about your business, in addition to marketing your business products and services. These are the opportunities for you to develop joint ventures.

5. Search Engine Optimizations:

This is no secret on how to get your website higher in the search engine searches that you will be noticed for providing services. These are major sources of bringing in traffic and sales of your products and services to your website.

6. Give something as a complementary gift:

Giving away freebies like some of your new products for trial and order or freebies like e-books, software and many more that you do offline, like mail-in rebate, promotional offers will help you get noticed. This will probably help in not only increasing your website traffic and search engine rankings, but also will help in selling your products and services and in establishing long-term relationships. This will not cost you a big money, even you can buy things in discounts and give as gifts.

7. Guest Blogging:

This is one of the novice ways to promote your business online using a computer and internet connection. Some blogs allow the fellow blogger to publish content with links back to them and get feedback from people who read them. By this way your product gets popular and this is a good way to make some money using revenue sharing program.

Comments are always appreciated!!

Author Bio:

Praveen is a known blogger in the blogosphere who is sharing promotion code and Hostrocket promotion code for the benefits of the user.

Digital Story of Christmas

We all live in the world of technology. Every second millions of people update their status, chat with their friends, send emails, watch videos, read wiki, buy gadgets and google what they are looking for.

Mary and Joseph communicated without using computers, internet and social networks. But without any of these present technologies, they stayed connected and announced the Birth of Jesus.

Merry Christmas

What might it look like if Jesus was born today?

If Jesus was born today it would have looked like using social media, web and mobile to tell the story of nativity.

The Couples Mary and Joseph would have used

  • Facebook to stay connected as well as create the birth of Jesus event and upload the pictures of baby.
  • Twitter to announce the birth of Jesus.
  • YouTube to upload the video of baby.
  • Wikipedia to get the word from the Holy Spirits.
  • Google Maps to find the driving directions from their hometown .
  • Gmail to message between the couples.
  • Foursquare to check-in at the stable and update their location.
  • Amazon to buy gifts for the kid.
  • Not just that they would have used iPhone and ‚ Macbook.

Videos below are an artistic take on the story of nativity if social networks were present at the time of Jesus’s birth. It highlights the truths and circumstances of our Saviour’s birth in a fresh and unique way.

The Digital Story of Nativity


Christmas story told through popular social networks and services like Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Gmail, Wikipedia, YouTube and Google Maps.


A Social Network Christmas


Like The Social Network movie based on Facebook, A Social Network Christmas tells the story of Christmas just through the million users site Facebook

This video proves Facebook is an alternative for all the popular web services. Mary and Joseph successfully uses only Facebook for keeping them updated with their experiences and birth of Jesus.

  • Here Google Maps gets replaced by Facebook Places.
  • FB status update instead of tweeting it.
  • Messaging on FB walls instead of emailing via Gmail.
  • Facebook event instead of Foursquare location update.


Digital Christmas – Nativity 2.0

This is also a digital story but actually a roleplay of Mary and Joseph born in the modern world who uses social networking sites, iPhone, Macbook and owns a car.

A Haiti organisation made this play with the mission to support the survivors of the Haiti earthquake.


Even though time changes, feelings remain the same. They still communicated without any email and social networks. People today cannot live without social networks and it has become a major part of their life.

I hope you liked my post and believe this was the best and most informational post you have read today. Please comment and do share this post if you liked it.

12 Ways to Celebrate 2012 Online [New Year]

1. Update your social network with wishes at 00:00‚ 

What else makes you happy if you can update your Facebook status or twitter tweet on time 00:00:00 on January 1, 2012. So if you don’t waste your time partying with your friends offline this time you can make it.
Few people on Facebook thinks they can schedule your update via the New FB timeline. No, this is not possible as Facebook only supports adding stories to past only. So if you want to get the thrill of 2012 and want that millisecond breath till you die post it on Facebook and Twitter. There are other sites including Laterbro to schedule your updates. Use that service only if you are sleeping or partying.

2. Chat with your loved ones at midnight

Chatting gives happiness like nothing else. At that nice moment what about chatting with your lover or someone who is so special only to you. Make sure you are chatting with her by getting rid of disturbances from other friends. Better try some private chats or video chats on GTalk. If you have 3G or you are rich enough to own an iPhone go with Facetime :-) Lucky you are while others struggle in social networks and gtalk, Facetime does what you want neatly

3. Tag your family members in your own customized videos & photos

The common trend is tagging all in your New year wishes photos. But for a change tag all your close family members in a private restricted poster with memories of 2011 and let they feel happy and precious to get involved in some beautiful moments than dancing with strangers as the enjoyment is just for the moment we do while the things you do on Facebook is there forever. you can print it out and send to your grannies and other family members. Not just limited to that you can get all this sticked on a room and shown to all your friends. It’s more beautiful when we do it

4. Start a hangout on Google+ with your family or friends

With the coming of Google+ Hangouts are going crazy. Before it was just walking here and there with friends and take some snaps to show off to your friends and post on Facebook to make others jealous. But now things have changed into live video chat with friends and family anywhere in world for free of cost and people are using various softwares to add effects to their webcams and make people get crazy with their friends than when they are near. Hangout is the perfect way to start 2012

5. Video Chat with your Girlfriend

This seems bit crazy as no girls accepts to it. But if you want to make this year beautiful convince her that you want to start the year seeing her face. This doesn’t seem to work with near girlfriends as they might say they will come to your home and make your family go crazy as they come to know your relations. So don’t just chat, video chat with her. Possible your girlfriend must be on Facebook, do the Facebook Video call :-)

6. Watch the live streaming channels on YouTube

YouTube is buzzing with the coming of live streaming. Most programs are streamed lively on YouTube. Check YouTube Live channel to see whether any live program is scheduled at your free time and watch it out :-) thus love. If you are a god believer you could search for spiritual videos to start day with. Most people have a habit of seeing some superstars first to make the day lucky for them. In that case just search for images of superstar and bookmark. If you are a Rajnikanth make him your desktop wallpaper

7. Poke your GF on Facebook

This seems crazy. But some girls love poking back as we poke her and never give up. Even though its virtual poking it’s a nice way to start the day with. Just construct the scene as poking her really and you enjoy the day.

8. Post on the New year events created by friends on Facebook

Yeah Facebook created events virtually for mainly virtual group discussion and not offline parties. Every one on Facebook is invited to at least one event on New Year. Just go to the event, say hi and interact with others and add good girls and boys as friends. So if your resolution is to make new friends. This is the best time.

9. Schedule an email to your primary email containing something which makes you happy

LOL! This is the MR. Bean way. All you have to do is make a beautiful email, may be an email from someone who you love or inspire and schedule to send to your email at that night. So you open it and enjoy as you achieved something.
Something like an email from Angelina Jolie saying She loves you and she want you to be in her next film. Things will go crazy I swear

10. Publish a blog post containing your street pics, celebration video, sounds captured all mixed into a spicy post.

Well to all big bloggers it’s time to thank all your readers who read your non-user friendly articles but just search friendly articles. So to get your visitor’s attention just publish a blog post containing your latest pic, introducing your family to your readers, neighbourhood celebration videos, music and crackers round your apartment all taped into one video of which it could go viral :P and that could even make your year.

11. If you don’t have anyone to video chat with, consider chatting with hot strangers

So no luck with video chatting as you did not get anyone to have a video chat with. As most girls prefers text messaging and chatting it’s not your fault. But thanks to some live video chatting made by some teens things are easy as writing on paper. Check Chatroulette‚ or Omegle.

12. If you are missing someone and have their number. Use Skype video call

Definitely you are the luckiest one having your girlfriend’s number and she is online too. So take out something like Skype and do a quick call :-) It’s better to call her little earlier and say to come online and tell her how you are going to connect with her as girls are mostly dumb and it may ruin your day.
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6 sites to send Free Fax Online

Fax is an excellent technological advancement that sends and receives important files and documents worldwide in a much easier fashion. Gone are the days that you need to buy expensive fax machines as now you can do this using your faxing applications that are available online for free without the need of a fax machine.

send free fax online

Send free Fax online

Discussed below in detail are six common such internet fax service providing sites using nothing else other than internet to send free fax online.

Here we go,

1. My Fax:

MyFax is a faxing service that allows users to send nearly 100 free faxes per month and receive 200 faxes at no cost. This online free fax service will allow you to send fax to over nearly 40 countries like United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Canada, Czech Republic, Belgium, Brazil, etc,. This allows you to send two faxes per day each being limited to a maximum of 10 pages each. This application also integrates a number of file formats and synchronizes with MS Office and Outlook.
Access: My Fax


Axiatel is an innovative and international telecom company that specializes in online sales of virtual office solutions for both small businesses and individuals. Axiatel offers Fax to Email, web conference calling and virtual switchboards to currently over 50 000 customers worldwide. Axiatel Fax to Email service offers competitive prices for a reliable service starting at only $3.50. This online fax service allows users to send and receive faxes from 61 countries. Axiatel services also offer a 30 day free trial so that you can be sure it is the right service for you.For more information hop onto out website at


This is a free online faxing service to US and Canada with the maximum allowed limits being 2 faxes per day with each fax not exceeding 3 pages. Sending fax using this software application is much simple and easy. There are two ways to send the fax message, with the message in the text box provided or upload the supportable file formats like .pdf, .doc and .docx only.

3. Fax Zero:

This is an online fax service that allows sending faxes online free for no cost for files in PDF and Word formats to two countries, USA and Canada. You are not in need of a fax machine but what you need is a valid email address, which permits you to send two free fax messages every day with maximum page limit being three for each fax. However, the presence of ads that are being sent along with the fax, will not allow you to use this fax for professional use.
Access: Fax Zero

4. ScanR:

ScanR is a much more incredible efax service providing platform that works in the following fashion. All you need to make use of this service is that turn the camera phone into a digital scanner and a fax machine. Scan and take a picture of your document using your smart phone and send them to a valid email address that you receive from ScanR and give instructions to send to the recipient to find your file being easily getting converted to a PDF file and sent to the recipient in a professional manner with no charges for these basic services.
Access: ScanR

5. PamFax:

PamFax is the only fax service which is a fully integrated system with Skype and also allows you to send fax messages in a number of formats than the most common two formats like PDF and DOC. All the faxes are sent as fully encrypted messages that you need not fear hackers and blends well with many of the operating systems of your phone like Windows, OS X, and Linux and even in Android. This is easy to use and is much more reliable.
Access: PamFax

6. Nextiva Fax:

This allows you to send and receive faxes from any part of the world, if you have internet access. This is the service that you need to opt for, when you send huge volume of faxes like 500 free faxes per month. This also provides a more versatile environment for sending faxes in various formats and using various portals like email, MS Office, web portal, and also through fax machine.
Access: Nextiva Fax

Hope you will try to send free fax online

Comments are always appreciated!!

5 Qualities of a Good Internet Connection

If youƒ¢¢â€š¬¢â€ž¢re someone whoƒ¢¢â€š¬¢â€ž¢s planning to change your ISP or youƒ¢¢â€š¬¢â€ž¢re planning to get your first internet connection it is highly important to know some things before you take that action. There are different types of connections, both with different speed and features but every good connection has some set of qualities and this post will be giving you 5 major qualities of a good internet connection.

5 Must to check factors of your Internet connection

1. Speed

The number one quality of a good service is its speed. What matters most about a connection is what it can do and when it can do it. For example, a good internet must be able to access every website and must also be able to do that fast. When an  connection takes you ages to load a simple web page there is every chance it will end up leading you to frustration.

2. Availability

You should also consider the availability of an internet  service before you go with it. There is no point in being able to use a service today and not being able to use it tomorrow. A quality internet  service will always be available anytime you need it.

3. Consistency

An internet  service that provides you with a consistent speed of 500kbps every day is far better than the one that provides you with 2mbps today and 200kbps tomorrow. A good connection service will always be consistent and can be trusted. A good connection wonƒ¢¢â€š¬¢â€ž¢t be giving you problems so youƒ¢¢â€š¬¢â€ž¢re always sure of being able to use the service anytime you need it.

4. Reliability

Another important factor to consider when trying choosing a good internet connection is its reliability. A good internet service can always be trusted and is greatly independent of external conditions. For example, a good internet service is not dependent on weather or your location but will always be available with quality service anytime of the day, irrespective of what is happening on that particular day.

5. Price

You should also make sure you consider the price of a service before using it because a good service wonƒ¢¢â€š¬¢â€ž¢t cost its users a fortune. Even though it is good for an connection to be fast and reliable that is no excuse for it to be too expensive.

It is also important to make sure you go for the right service. Donƒ¢¢â€š¬¢â€ž¢t go with an internet service because the price is low as this will often lead to frustration on your part.

This is a guest post by Onibalusi Bamidele of Youngprepro. If you are interested to write for us, you are welcome to do so.