How to: 10 Ways to Speedup Chrome Browser

Speeding up chrome is never hard. Get it done Have you perceived your generally quick Google Chrome program backing off, or actually slamming on you? Unnecessary plugins, expansions, and actually searching information can ease your program off to a creep, or make it crash. Here’s the means by which to alter it. In this article, we’ll demonstrate to you best practices to impair plugins and expansions and clear scanning information to accelerate Chrome and keep it from smashing on you.




Disable Extensions

Type chrome://extensions/ on browser

Disable Plugins

Type chrome://plugins/ on browser

As a matter of course, when you introduce Google Chrome, numerous unnecessary plugins are introduced and empowered. Plugins help Chrome process uncommon sorts of substance, for example, Flash, Java, Silverlight, or Windows Media documents, however the majority of them aren’t even critical to your every day searching. Plugins can ease off the execution of Chrome, yet you can impair plugins you are not utilizing. You can securely cripple each and every plugin, except you may need to keep Flash empowered, as a ton of destinations use Flash to show menus, show features, and so forth. You can simply empower a plugin again in the event that you have to.

Yet the…

Expansions are little projects accessible in the Chrome Web Store that add additional gimmicks and usefulness to Chrome. They can be extremely helpful, however in the event that you wind up with a ton of augmentations introduced, the program’s velocity may be adversely influenced. You can undoubtedly incapacitate augmentations without uninstalling them to addition some pace.

Clear Browsing Data
In the Clear searching information dialog, select the things you need to clear and select a period range starting from the drop list. Click Clear browsing data to clear the info.

Close other running programs

As chrome creates separate process for every new tab, it can make your system go slow. So close all other programs if your chrome is responding slow.

Check whether your internet is fast

Sometimes your internet may slow down as a result pages may take time to load. Use Google DNS to solve this problem.

Update Google Chrome

Make sure your RAM has good capacity.

Keep atleast 4GB RAM in your system for smooth loading of apps if you are a multitasking guy.

If still your chrome is slow and want to access net like a rockstar use Firefox as an alternative.

Run Google Chrome with Administrator privileges

Sometimes your slow loading chrome problem could be solved with admin privilege as the process will be given higher priority by the processor.

Don’t open many tabs at once

Often opening many tabs leads to google chrome crash. so it is recommended to open only one tab every minute.

Use tabs in Incognito window

Since the plugins and extensions don’t load in Incognito window, any apps causing chrome to load won’t be loaded. Not only that no browser history or cache is actually stored. As a result you stay secure. Cool isn’t it?


How To Convert Image To Text Without OCR Software

Most of the time we wish‚  if the text in the images are converted to readable text which we can either copy paste or do changes and add it to documents we wanted to. But most of the time we either need a scanner and OCR software to read the text from the documents , most of the time it is complicated process.

Sometimes it isn’t cool if we can take the scan with a mobile camera and do the optical character recognition in less than second?‚  Yes, here comes another use for Microsoft OneDrive, which can do a OCR process as we upload any document.



So if we have a JPG or any format picture of a printed text, upload it to OneDrive by signing into your Microsoft account. Once the file is upload open it, on the right side of the file we can see the text recognized from the uploaded document.

I have tried many other OCR softwares, but those recognitions seems not correct as in the OneDrive. Do try it out and give me a feedback



How to Read Any Link on Facebook Without Clicking it

Most of the time you might see a lot of news stories on your Facebook timeline if you have liked a lot of Facebook pages. But it is always annoying as to read the story we need to browse away to their site which is time taking and often we skip articles which we think not that worth to read it on their website.

So in that case, there comes a Google Chrome extension to solve your worries of reading that page within Facebook itself. This plugin shows the pages as a preview of the site when we keep the mouse over the link, the page is displayed as Hover over the link. Sounds cool? Sorry to Firefox users no such extension has been developed for Mozilla Firefox users.


So to use this technology

  1. Download the HoverReader plugin
  2. Install it on Google Chrome
  3. Surf to Facebook or Google Search
  4. Keep the mouse over the link you intend to open
  5. The page is shown as Hover over the link

Download HoverReader and cultivate the habit of reading articles now.

How to Send an Email on a Future Date

No matter whether the days pass, email is still most preferred and used form of communication worldwide, so is sending emails. Don’t get amazed with this article, you are going to discover a crazy way of sending emails, well not just emails but the email on a future date.


OhLife a service funded by Y-Combinator brings that craziness to next level, well at least it helps you to remember your life. The service is so simple that you can give a email address. message and a date with year up to 2024. Sounds crazy?? yes it is, we are not even sure whether the service will last till 2024, but we have high expectations not on them atleast overselves, we are having high hopes, something like if you are the Bill Gates of 2024, you will get the email in 2024, I wished to be rich and help the poor and needy out. Trust me those emails will guide you even further to reach your dreams and do what you dreamed of.

Since the service is funded by Yahoo, don’t worry they won’t go offline without sending your emails. So why not schedule an email for future of saying what you did this day and what you want to see yourself in future. So at that moment you won’t even remember such a stuff you did, but it will break your heart and bring you tears of joy. So why not schedule an email now on OhLife

How to Prevent Computer From Sleeping

Whether it is your computer or you, both the creatures love to sleep if you feel tired, lazy or out of mood. Well when you feel sleepy to be awake, you would be having coffee or watching that Sunny Leone or Mr Bean Show that switches off your boredom from the time you think about that. Well when you think about that with regard to computers they too feel sleepy if we don’t do any activity or not use their brain. It sounds cool because it saves a lot of power being wasted due to non-usage of the system, but at a same time it feels annoyed especially to we technology loving people.

Usually we never switch off the system because most of the time we would be downloading programs and movie and we never intend to switch that internet off if we are using an unlimited internet plan. While I was moving across Microsoft forum, I found many people are having problem with their system that sleeps at every moment of inactivity. I saw a lot of ways to fix the problem including changing the settings on Control > Power Management but the solution seem not easy as it seem and most of time it is not solving the problem.


Well then I thought for an innovative solution and came up with simple analysis of problem. A computer never goes to sleep if there is activity either from Mouse or Keyboard, isn’t that right? So if we can automate the action of mouse or keyboard we are able to prevent system from sleeping.


There comes Mouse Jiggler a 53 KB, windows portable application which let you automate the motion of mouse backward and forth by a pixel which your eyes can’t visualise, you can continue to work even with this application running and forget about setting power management stuff. Next time if you want to download anything, run this app and worry no more.

Run the app and click on “Enable jiggle?” to make the mouse start jiggling

How to Play Youtube Videos Without Ads

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website online owned by Google. Everyone loves to watch videos on YouTube as we can watch the favorite programs online at our convenient time and comfort zone. Nowadays if we look into videos we see more advertisements than videos and the worst thing is we don’t have any options to skip ad and we need to watch the ad at least for‚  30 seconds if we are watching a‚  lot of videos.


If ads come on YouTube it make no difference than your Cable and Digital TV. Well that’s how Google and Publishers earn money from you, but for we streamers it is difficult as our broadband connections in India are so slow and often it takes some time to load and most of the time we waste our time streaming and watch ads of no interest and value for you.


Well to drop such a situation, streaming YouTube videos by VLC Media Player makes sense. VLC media player is a freeware windows application available for download online. Once you download and install the application, the magic happens!



Open the VLC Media Player, Click on Media > Open Network Stream. A window opens for entering network url, enter the YouTube video url and click Play.




VLC‚  Media Player has compatible applications for MAC, Android as well

Trust me you will never see ads on the YouTube video again, enjoy the show with Popcorn and cool drinks :)

How to Trace Email Location by IP Address

Email is the most common form of communication used these days and it’s use is getting higher day by day due to its fast propagation through the Internet. Well behind every fake bomb blast emails and blackmailing emails we won’t be able to know from where the email has been send. So for finding the culprit behind such cyber crimes, we trace the IP Address of the sender‚  which is kept hidden in every email. So once we can find the IP address of the user, we can trace his location and get in contact with Internet service provider to know who used that IP and his complete details.


To trace an email in Gmail, all you have to do is open the email and click on down arrow on right side of email and click on “Show Original” as shown in the screenshot below.





Now you will be taken to the original email with full headers. To find‚  the sender’s IP, check the X-Received column there would be a domain name with an IP Address written “From”. Copy that IP Address




Now go to which is a free IP Address and domain name search tool. Enter the IP address taken from the last step and click on Search.





Now the details of the IP Address is shown including the organisation name, address, city, state and postal code.



Hence we have traced the sender of email, most of the cases we are using either BSNL or other broadband. They hide the details of user, hence to know the criminal, only way is to ask the authority for giving you information of the user, at least we are able to which ISP they used to send the email, hence we can contact that ISP for investigation.


Hope you enjoyed my simple class, Do leave us a word if you felt it interesting.

Check CBSE 12th Board Exam Results 2013 Published

With less than 24 hours for the announcement of 12th std CBSE BOARD exam Results, students are hearing the countdown to the results and their future. Even though other board results are already out, CBSE have made a press release that the results of 12th will be out on May 27,2013 at 10:00 AM.

cbse results 12

CBSE 12th EXAM Results 2013

The future of every child is determined by their 12th std results which lets them get an admission in any professional college of their choice. This time board exams and entrance exams have become more stressful since AIEEE entrance exam for admission to engineering colleges has been scrapped as well as many state entrances for‚ Medicine‚ admission.

Cbse 12 results 2013

Instead NEET an entrance for whole India for admission to medical colleges, as a result students chance of getting a merit seat is just a dream.‚ Not Just that marks of +2 is taken for all entrances including JEE MAINS (formerly IIT JEE) for admission to IIT’s and NIT’s.

CBSE results 2013

CBSE has made sure the students suffer most with late exam results and Out of syllabus questions in board exams. Whatever Maths questions of CBSE 12th were so tough when we consider the questions asked for last 10 years. We hope that marking scheme was liberal. State board exams were so easy that they scored too much, when considering the entrance exam ranks we can find the top ranks are filled by not CBSE students but state syllabus students. ‚ CBSE conducts JEE & NEET but don’t like their own children and make the CBSE students suffer a lot.

cbse results 12

‚ Students can get the results via SMS,Email,IVRS phone calling,Website

CBSE results 2013

NIC‚ cbse results 12

24300699 – for local subscribers in Delhi

Cbse 12 results 2013
011 ¢â‚¬â€œ 24300699 – for subscribers in other parts of the country

MTNL : ‚ CBSE results 2013

28127030 for local subscribers in Delhi
011 -28127030 for subscribers in other parts of the country
5432128 for MTS subscribers
1255536 for BSNL subscribers

Cbse 12 results 2013
54321223 for Tata Teleservice (Indicom, Docomo) subscribers
5207011 for Airtel subscribers

cbse results 12

Rates for SMS for registration & communication of result per roll no. will be Rs.1.00
(One Rupee only)

cbse results 12

SMS Covered Operators

cbse12 rollno
Send SMS to 543216
cbse12 rollno
Send SMS to 57766

CBSE results 2013

cbse12 rollno
Send SMS to 54321, 51234,5333300
Tata Teleservice (Indicom, Docomo)

cbse results 12

cbse12 rollno
Send SMS to 5800001

cbse12 rollno
Send SMS to 5207011

cbse12 rollno
Send SMS to 9212357123

cbse12 rollno
Send SMS to 50000

cbse12 rollno
Send SMS to 57272


‚ CBSE results 2013


Check CBSE Results right here at 10:00 AM on‚ cbse




All the best to all the students who are waiting for the results :)

HOW TO: Find Blog Contests and Giveaways

There are a lot of contests buzzing on web, but we do not really see these contests. Either we miss it or don’t bother it. Whatever the prize is, getting something free of cost is really cool. From License keys to costly softwares, everything you can get free. But you must keep an eye on the contests going on web. Whether you win or lose, or your entry is valid or not, participating and taking chances is a must.


Recently, I won a contest – 75000 Facebook Followers on a blog. One of my friends popped me a question “How do you find these contests?” and I was surprised that none of my friends saw the contest even though I shared it on all social media sites. If they had seen the contest they would have participated in this contest.

I am cracking you, how I actually find these blog giveaways. I am also just like you who have so many friends and lots of updates that I miss so many contests. It is so simple I filter my social network feeds to get all contests and freebies together.



Facebook is the most popular social networking site with 500 million active users. I am sure you too use Facebook. So to find blog contests –

  1. Just go to
  2. Select “Post by friends” option, since it can show you the most relevant giveaways according to your taste.
  3. On the Search form, Enter “Giveaway” or “Blog Giveaway” or “win” to get all the contests from your friends and pages.

Facebook Giveaway Search

You can even select “Posts by everyone” to see all contests posted by Facebook users but it is less relevant.

Also you can use Openbook to search and get contests posted by all Facebook users with public profiles.



So if you are a Twitter addict guy who wants to find giveaways and free stuff use Google Realtime Search to search tweets.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter keywords like “web giveaway” or “blog contest” and search.
  3. See the top updates column to see hottest contests going on.
  4. Just take part in the contest :)

Google Contest Search

There are a lot of twitter search engines like Topsy and Twazzup to find giveaways and tweets in a better way using their own algorithms and intelligence.

Giveaway Search Engine


There is also a karate kid on the block. Giveawayscout.It scans thousands of giveaway and contest blogs and add them to their easy searchable search engine neatly categorized according to the time the giveaway has started.

So you are lucky if you are a Facebook user with lot of bloggers as friends and get instant updates of latest giveaways ‚ and tech updates.

Which was the giveaway you recently won? Which way do you prefer to track giveaways? Do you know any other ways to find the latest giveaways? What do you think Juniorhero must giveaway this Christmas?

How to choose the web hosting that suits

Millions of websites are born daily. They come out from a domain and web hosting. If you want your site to have the best characters and good qualities, your host must be nice too. Never trust any host blindly. If you chose a web hosting that is trusted and have good experience, then you do not have to worry but what if you are on a poor rated, cheap hosting with lot of inefficiency and tough condition for the site to stay alive.

web hosting

Giving a nice host to your website is same as buying stuffs that your girlfriend likes.  Everyone is happy when they get good things. But the problem is How to choose?  There was a time when web hosting companies were monopolies with same prices and capacity. But with the coming of a new web hosting service, things have changed far better. Now you can select your site provider with ease and get the most relevant host which in turn using your site hosting fully without paying extra for unused and unwanted features and services.  This site has a well-built contextual based review platform.  You can get the top web hosts based on their

  • Web Hosting features
  • Uptime
  • Customer support
  • Webmaster and Consumer reviews
  • Price
  • Years in this web business


How to find the perfect host?

  1. Selecting your web hosting is no more a bad dream. Just follow my quick steps -
  2. Select the hosting type either by framework, script or platform.
  3. Enter the approximate daily traffic your site could get.
  4. Click on the search button.
  5. That’s it.  You will get the best host that’s relevant to your demand.

Currently there are about 60 web hosting sites listed. Isn’t that a big thing?  When we google  to find the best site file storage provider, we could see possibly top 10 web hosts and mostly repeated on every hosting review site which are either costly or doesn’t suit our needs.

So if you want to start blogging. Just select ” WordPress Hosting”  from their platform list and mention average users/day and search. Finally you will get the best web hosting for your blog. That’s how we can find the best website to store your WordPress blog. So choose the right provider and start your own website that succeeds in the right path.

Please drop a comment if you have any host and domain related queries. I could get you exclusive coupons and discounts to make sure you spend less to start out blogging and fly up. Could you please share with us your past or present experiences with any web hosting provider company?