Facebook is the most used social networking site worldwide.Mark Zuckerberg founded it in February 4,2004. Facebook has more than 526 million global audience. Users can add friends, send messages, update their profile and status, upload photos and videos, add application and games, Like pages and groups and even chat with friends.


According to QuantCast, ‚ Most Facebook users in USA are women (55%). India has 14 million users, out of these 34% are men while 66% are women. Globally 60 million women and ‚ around 9 million Indian women uses Facebook.


Millions of beautiful girls are waiting online for someone like you. But often they won’t find anyone in their lifetime because few knows how to find handsome men and charming girls on Facebook.

There are three ways to find girls on Facebook.

Facebook Search

  • Go to facebook.com/search
  • Click on “People” option.
  • Now you use your brain.
  • Eg: Search for “girl”, “women”, “air hostess” or “model” and definitely you will find cute girls.
  • Click her profile url to add her.
  • TIPS: Check out friends of the girl to see more girls.
  • Filter search by place, workplace or your university for better results.

Openbook Facebook Search Engine


  • Enter anything.
  • Select “Show Female Only”
  • Click search.
  • In the search results, girl’s photo, status update and name are displayed. Click the photo or name to see her Facebook profile.
  • Now add her on Facebook.

Meet New People Facebook Application

  • Go to apps.facebook.com/iamfreetonight
  • “Allow” the request for permission.
  • So many girls will be shown.
  • Search with country and age of girl you are looking for.
  • When you see a charming girl, answer “Do you like me”to “Yes”.
  • Do it till you are satisfied.
  • Then go to U Like option on top of page.
  • Now you see girls you have liked.
  • Just click on “Add to Friends” or image to get her profile link to view her and finally add her.

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