Google Analytics

Google introduced a feature called In-Page Analytics in their popular web analytics suite, Google Analytics.  In-Page Analytics helps you to visually analyze and assess how your users interact with your pages. It answers your common traffic questions like

  • Which links are being clicked and popular?
  • Is my blog layout perfect for users?
  • Are my users seeing the stuff I add?
  • Are my users finding the content they are looking for?

Cool thing in this new feature is you can get the analytics data like you navigate your site with Heatmap scripts.


  • Support for advanced segments.
  • Find outgoing links.
  • Support for Image maps.
  • Shows Page-level information.

How to use it?

No installations needed. It is available in every google analytics account.

  • Go to Content Section.
  • Click on In-Page Analytics option or Click on the option under Click patterns on Content Overview.
  • See this feature in action.

See the Official  Launch video

Do you think In-Page feature of Google Analytics will replace the  costly heatmap services you use?