Touch the Future with HP DreamScreen 400

The hp dreamscreen powered by innovative Intel technology brings you the best of internet. This new easy-to-use internet device gives you and your family full entertainment, education for your children and brings your whole family together with the integrated video chat facility. A brighter future is waiting, a future where dreams come true.In just a touch, the applications in DreamScreen will open up new opportunities for everyone in your family. It’s a new innovative product of 2011 and can be sure that many will love it.

hp dreamscreen

Technical Features of HP DreamScreen

  • 18.5 inch wide-screen with touch
  • Weighs about 7.2 kg
  • Supports English and Hindi language
  • Intel Processor
  • DreamScreen can detect Wi-Fi signals too
  • 250 GB Hard Disk Capacity
  • Can store about 32000 songs or 64000 pictures
  • Built-in speakers and microphone
  • 4 USB Ports
  • DVD / CD Optical drives
  • SD Card slot
  • 1.3 Megapixel webcam
  • Support for Microsoft Office 2007
  • Compatible with Airtel wireless internet and Tata Photon internet sticks.
  • Connect your keyboard and mouse. (optional)


Features in HP Dream Screen -



Hear and download songs in about 15 languages from the inbuilt HP DreamScreen music facility.

Watch movies anytime anywhere even in your bed at the time you want.

You can download movies to your HP DreamScreen and can be watched at your convenient timings.

hp dreamscreen is preloaded with over 100 games for you to play and sharpen your skills on any game.

Connect your digital camera and transfer your photos and videos in a touch to your HP DreamScreen. You can easily make slide shows of your family moments with music in background and embedded videos to form a full family experience.

Without HDMI cables, you can watch Bollywood TV and know your stars latest gossips, news, music, trailers and full-time movies. All in your DreamScreen

Make use of your inbuilt DVD player to watch movies as well as play out your MP3 collections.




Watch your kids get better grade with HP DreamScreen. It has multimedia content which can boost your child’s abilities as well as do tests and polls to know the topic better. It support all syllabus¯¿½and make sure your child doesn’t learn it but know it.




From a touch of your DreamScreen you are carried to Australia and African jungles with exotic content. Not just that watch news on Hindi or english. All cricket addicts can get latest score updates. If your mom or sister want to make some yummy dishes just tune to DreamScreen and see the dish of the day as well as search for dishes.




Live Darshan makes it possible to watch Aarti or any Pooja’s from your home with full satisfaction and happiness as if God is in our home.

Want to know the latest hot trends, Wedding dresses and Jewellery available in market? Just go to the Wedding section of HP DreamScreen. It shows latest sarees, jewellery, bags and everything you need.

There is none who do not want to know their Astrology. DreamScreen brings daily astrology updates at the comfort of your home.




hp dreamscreen has inbuilt Camera to do live video chat with your friends and family. It can connect up to 3 families at the same time. It is very simple to use as even your grand parents can touch it and dial the number and do video chatting with your family at abroad. So that they see their grand children growing their small body.

Like the computer’s we use, HP DreamScreen has regular browser to check emails, chat, check instant messages on social networking sites as well as watch YouTube videos.




This part contains the most needed features for everyone in your family. You can pay bills, book tickets, make documents and spreadsheets. Now forget waiting in long queues to pay bills, pay it all at the comfort of your home. You can pay electricity bills, phone bills, gas, DTH, Insurance, Magazine subscriptions and do e-tax filling all at your home.


DreamScreen is priced at RS 20,999. But any local retailer can get you at lower prices. You can buy it online from the HP DreamScreen website and pay with your Credit card, Indian Debit Card and any online bank account.

We hope that DreamScreen will be useful to you. Please drop comments if you want to know anything else about this product.

Remove spyware and malicious softwares with microsoft Safety Scanner

Microsoft has released a portable standalone security software “Safety Scanner” which scans and removes all viruses, spyware and malicious softwares. If you think that your computer has any virus, then this is the most effective solution to scan and destroy every devil on your PC.

microsoft safety scannerMicrosoft Security tool includes no-real time protection and it is not an alternative to your antivirus program. It can be run along and can be used to kill tough Trojans and blasting programs which can crack your whole computer system. Since the new version is Portable, you do not need to install. All you have to do is download the file and execute it in your Windows system.

So when you launch the program, it shows up three main options – quick scan, full scan and custom scan. If you want to the program to do the scanning fast, it’s better to go with quick scan which actually scans the whole file system while it will miss and skip many files too. If you know the folder where the infected files exists, locate that infection by passing through custom scan.

Before installing new programs and connecting your friend’s pen drive, do a full system scan to make sure your system is safe. Microsoft released this program to be used with Microsoft Security Suite.

Size of Safety Scanner package is 70MB. This package has a specialty that is the program can live for maximum 10 days. After that you must get a new copy of the program as Microsoft says, they regularly update their database and update the software. So try Microsoft safety scanner software right now and bookmark this link for future when your computer get’s infected by deadly viruses.

Link: ¯¿½Microsoft Safety Scanner

6 sites to send Free Fax Online

Fax is an excellent technological advancement that sends and receives important files and documents worldwide in a much easier fashion. Gone are the days that you need to buy expensive fax machines as now you can do this using your faxing applications that are available online for free without the need of a fax machine.

send free fax online

Send free Fax online

Discussed below in detail are six common such internet fax service providing sites using nothing else other than internet to send free fax online.

Here we go,

1. My Fax:

MyFax is a faxing service that allows users to send nearly 100 free faxes per month and receive 200 faxes at no cost. This online free fax service will allow you to send fax to over nearly 40 countries like United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Canada, Czech Republic, Belgium, Brazil, etc,. This allows you to send two faxes per day each being limited to a maximum of 10 pages each. This application also integrates a number of file formats and synchronizes with MS Office and Outlook.
Access: My Fax


Axiatel is an innovative and international telecom company that specializes in online sales of virtual office solutions for both small businesses and individuals. Axiatel offers Fax to Email, web conference calling and virtual switchboards to currently over 50 000 customers worldwide. Axiatel Fax to Email service offers competitive prices for a reliable service starting at only $3.50. This online fax service allows users to send and receive faxes from 61 countries. Axiatel services also offer a 30 day free trial so that you can be sure it is the right service for you.For more information hop onto out website at http://www.axiatel.com

2. GotFreeFax.com:

This is a free online faxing service to US and Canada with the maximum allowed limits being 2 faxes per day with each fax not exceeding 3 pages. Sending fax using this software application is much simple and easy. There are two ways to send the fax message, with the message in the text box provided or upload the supportable file formats like .pdf, .doc and .docx only.
Access: GotFreeFax.com

3. Fax Zero:

This is an online fax service that allows sending faxes online free for no cost for files in PDF and Word formats to two countries, USA and Canada. You are not in need of a fax machine but what you need is a valid email address, which permits you to send two free fax messages every day with maximum page limit being three for each fax. However, the presence of ads that are being sent along with the fax, will not allow you to use this fax for professional use.
Access: Fax Zero

4. ScanR:

ScanR is a much more incredible efax service providing platform that works in the following fashion. All you need to make use of this service is that turn the camera phone into a digital scanner and a fax machine. Scan and take a picture of your document using your smart phone and send them to a valid email address that you receive from ScanR and give instructions to send to the recipient to find your file being easily getting converted to a PDF file and sent to the recipient in a professional manner with no charges for these basic services.
Access: ScanR

5. PamFax:

PamFax is the only fax service which is a fully integrated system with Skype and also allows you to send fax messages in a number of formats than the most common two formats like PDF and DOC. All the faxes are sent as fully encrypted messages that you need not fear hackers and blends well with many of the operating systems of your phone like Windows, OS X, and Linux and even in Android. This is easy to use and is much more reliable.
Access: PamFax

6. Nextiva Fax:

This allows you to send and receive faxes from any part of the world, if you have internet access. This is the service that you need to opt for, when you send huge volume of faxes like 500 free faxes per month. This also provides a more versatile environment for sending faxes in various formats and using various portals like email, MS Office, web portal, and also through fax machine.
Access: Nextiva Fax

Hope you will try to send free fax online

Comments are always appreciated!!

Geekchart knows the Social networks you love : social media tool

There isn’t a geek who doesn’t use the social media sites to stay social as well as to live updated. Mostly every geek have an account on the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Digg or Delicious. Some are very addicted to Twitter, some loves Facebook, while some others hates wasting time on these social sites instead concentrate on blogging, that’s what a professional blogger do. But have you ever checked your activity on these sites? Bringing your likeness data on a Pie Chart and compare these networking sites with your likes and dislikes.

social media tool

GeekChart is definitely a new service of its kind which makes it possible to compare your likeness on these social sites and embed it on your blogs and pages. Isn’t this service itself geeky? Yes it do. Geek Charts are a way to show where you share online as well as show off your presence on these social media networking real-time sites.

How Geek Chart Works?

Geek Chart service shows up your activity on these sites based on the last 30 days. If you haven’t been active during this time period, the chart won’t even actually show up. As time moves, Geek Chart accumulates all your likeness share and reflect more accurate charts which can really help you find the sites you like. It is generated completely based on your activity.

Geek Chart currently tracks Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Delicious, Digg, Stumbleupon and your blog feed as well. Facebook is an upcoming feature of the site. We can hope they will add Facebook to their site.

How to Use GeekChart?

Go to‚ geekchart.com/try and enter your usernames on the social networking sites and press “Make My Chart”. That’s it your chart is generated. Now if you want to track your liking to these sites throughout your lifetime or want to embed on your Technology or Personal blog, sign up on the site.