Google Glass Review (Features LEAKED)


Welcome to a world through glass, this is the glass that could pavé way to even better high-tech glasses from the competitors, believe me this glass  is the same glass you see on the Hollywood movie Matrix. At least having such a glass could make you feel high-tech whatever but still this is going to transform technology

HOW TO: Find Blog Contests and Giveaways


There are a lot of contests buzzing on web, but we do not really see these contests. Either we miss it or don’t bother it. Whatever the prize is, getting something free of cost is really cool. From License keys to costly softwares, everything you can get free. But you must keep an eye on

How to choose the web hosting that suits

web hosting

Millions of websites are born daily. They come out from a domain and web hosting. If you want your site to have the best characters and good qualities, your host must be nice too. Never trust any host blindly. If you chose a web hosting that is trusted and have good experience, then you do

Start Blogging in Less Than 5 Minutes


Thousands of blogs are launched online every day. Every businessman and person is launching a blog to share his ideas with others. As the demand for creating blogs is increasing every day, the process of creating a blog is becoming easier as well. Now, it takes even less than 5 minutes to have your own

5 reasons why you must choose WordPress for blogging


I am not going into raptures about WordPress simply because so many have done it before. This post is practical, down to earth advice to those bloggers who are not yet into WordPress and why they ought to be. WordPress is simple to install and setup The first hurdle which a blogger must cross is

6 ways to promote your Blogs and Articles

When you are trying to make money by blogging using the system of advertising revenue sharing systems, then there are certain important criteria that you need to remember for being a successful monetizing blogger. Let us discuss here some of the important aspects of blogging, which will help you to both popularize and make better