How Microsoft Has Impacted My Life

Microsoft Student Associate is for students who are passionate about technology and is willing to give back to the society through technological ideas and solutions with help of Microsoft products and solutions. Well this is my entry for participating in the Microsoft Student Associate program.


As I mentioned in my About Me page of the JuniorHero blog, I made my first footprints with computer when I asked my mom, will she buy me a computer as a home becomes a home when there ia computer. She said no, but after my summer final exams she asked me to check a closed room in my home and I got surprised, computer has become a reality for first time in our home, then I said “now my home has become a real home“. My mom bought me a brand new Compaq Desktop PC with 256 MB Ram, AMD Athlon Processor, a Compaq CRT monitor, Microsoft Keyboard & Mouse and a Microsoft Windows XP installed. As a kid, it was a device which made me wonder like anything. Well my elder sister was there to guide me how to use this thing, elderly since she was in 6th standard, and I am in 4th standard of schooling.

There were some games such as Roadrash installed in the system, my sister held my hand over her hand and taught me how to mouse here and there. Well it was a big fun for me and most of time I would fight with her to let me use the system. It was not once or twice, but more than ten times I crashed my windows system by changing windows settings and switching off the computer without properly turning off, the computer technician was a regular visitor of our family. But after every such an incident, I gained more confidence and understood what each thing is for. It was like computer is destiny I am destined by god. I felt so depressed when my system doesn’t work and once my system processor got dead and capacitor lost the capacity since I didn’t switch off my system for days.‚  Well my story with Microsoft is like a baby who tries to walk but falls, but doesn’t stop trying until success.

Today when I look back I feel my foundation of computer knowledge is too strong and I can showcase wonders to the world all because of Microsoft devices & OS which was affordable to middle class homes like us as well as easy to use with GUI unlike other OS and costly Apple products.‚  Microsoft has impacted my life truly positive way.

So I believe now is the time for me to give back to society and show my gratitude to Microsoft by helping students and passionate techies with solutions they face such as Excel for spreadsheets, for file sharing and safe storage OneDrive, for email Outlook, for building powerful presentations – Powerpoint, the best OS – Windows 8.1, for gamers – Xbox, for Video Calling – Skype, for search Skype and so on.

As a MSA, I will share solutions to all technical problems students face as well as they can ask me for help for any Microsoft or technical product. Not just that I will actively participate in Microsoft forums and share solutions to all Microsoft problems on my blog.

As a MSA, I will involve in active discussions with people who have interest in technology and work towards improvement of Microsoft products by developing new Windows apps for people to use and involve easily. Not just that I will use Microsoft technology to solve problems by creating apps that can solve problems of the day such as Blood Donation and Women Safety apps.

So if you believe that I deserve to be a MSA, do share, like and comment on this article.

Google Glass Review (Features LEAKED)

Welcome to a world through glass, this is the glass that could pavƒ© way to even better high-tech glasses from the competitors, believe me this glass ‚ is the same glass you see on the‚ Hollywood‚ movie Matrix. At least having such a glass could make you feel high-tech whatever but still this is going to transform technology even better watch that in the near by future. Google has issued glasses to only first 2000 users who they believe can help them in transforming their innovation. It’s surprisingly simple and easy to use. Only thing I feel low is this device is bit above your eye level, may be you will feel a little uncomfortable. It’s like all you have to take a picture is to say “take a picture” and the coolest thing is it can record videos at the same moment you see it. Now you don’t have to concentrate on your handy cam or video recording devices you can enjoy it as well as take videos and pictures, isn’t that so simple. you don’t need to hire or ask your friends to come with you to take videos, all you can do it alone, how cool isn’t it? 1347390834-a_4.5x What about sharing it online at the same time you take pics and videos, that sounds too cool! What if you get lost in the hills of Mount Everest? Use your glasses to give directions remember this glass is equipped with GPS to position you accurately and with Google maps you won’t get lost even in the dense Amazon Forests. You can even send SMS all you have to speak the message and name of person, it’s all so simple. Whatever doubts you have like When was Taj Mahal build? Who was the 5th PM of India? ‚ What Made Obama a successful Person? Anything you want to know, just speak you will get the answers in a moment. What if you don’t know Hindi? You are a‚ traveler‚ and want to know way to Red Fort? simple say to your glass, say route to red fort in Hindi. That’s it, isn’t it sound cool With GPS, when you are in an airport or railway stations (US) ‚ you don’t have to look on sign boards to know when your flight/train arrives it all will be shown automatically on your glass

Technical Specifications of Google Glass

  • Square Glasses above eye-level
  • Equivalent of 25 inch HD screen from 8 feet away
  • 5 MP camera
  • Shoot 720p Videos
  • 16 Gb memory, Only 12 GB usable, 4 GB reserved for device
  • Support Bluetooth & WiFi
  • 1 Day Long battery Backup ‚  ‚ (may not last longer when videos are shot)
  • To use GPS and SMS need an Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher
  • Not water-resistant
  • Micro USB cable to charge device and a Protective Pouch ‚ is included with the glass

baby_glass2 With so many disadvantages buying a glass now may not be an option since all other electronic manufacturing companies has already started building their own glasses which would be out with better features in the near-by future. So the best option is to wait till lot of competitors release their Glasses :) If you want to get one go to‚ Google glass Booking page, Applications are closed but still you can give your contact details to get one at a later date :)

HOW TO: Find Blog Contests and Giveaways

There are a lot of contests buzzing on web, but we do not really see these contests. Either we miss it or don’t bother it. Whatever the prize is, getting something free of cost is really cool. From License keys to costly softwares, everything you can get free. But you must keep an eye on the contests going on web. Whether you win or lose, or your entry is valid or not, participating and taking chances is a must.


Recently, I won a contest – 75000 Facebook Followers on a blog. One of my friends popped me a question “How do you find these contests?” and I was surprised that none of my friends saw the contest even though I shared it on all social media sites. If they had seen the contest they would have participated in this contest.

I am cracking you, how I actually find these blog giveaways. I am also just like you who have so many friends and lots of updates that I miss so many contests. It is so simple I filter my social network feeds to get all contests and freebies together.



Facebook is the most popular social networking site with 500 million active users. I am sure you too use Facebook. So to find blog contests –

  1. Just go to
  2. Select “Post by friends” option, since it can show you the most relevant giveaways according to your taste.
  3. On the Search form, Enter “Giveaway” or “Blog Giveaway” or “win” to get all the contests from your friends and pages.

Facebook Giveaway Search

You can even select “Posts by everyone” to see all contests posted by Facebook users but it is less relevant.

Also you can use Openbook to search and get contests posted by all Facebook users with public profiles.



So if you are a Twitter addict guy who wants to find giveaways and free stuff use Google Realtime Search to search tweets.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter keywords like “web giveaway” or “blog contest” and search.
  3. See the top updates column to see hottest contests going on.
  4. Just take part in the contest :)

Google Contest Search

There are a lot of twitter search engines like Topsy and Twazzup to find giveaways and tweets in a better way using their own algorithms and intelligence.

Giveaway Search Engine


There is also a karate kid on the block. Giveawayscout.It scans thousands of giveaway and contest blogs and add them to their easy searchable search engine neatly categorized according to the time the giveaway has started.

So you are lucky if you are a Facebook user with lot of bloggers as friends and get instant updates of latest giveaways ‚ and tech updates.

Which was the giveaway you recently won? Which way do you prefer to track giveaways? Do you know any other ways to find the latest giveaways? What do you think Juniorhero must giveaway this Christmas?

How to choose the web hosting that suits

Millions of websites are born daily. They come out from a domain and web hosting. If you want your site to have the best characters and good qualities, your host must be nice too. Never trust any host blindly. If you chose a web hosting that is trusted and have good experience, then you do not have to worry but what if you are on a poor rated, cheap hosting with lot of inefficiency and tough condition for the site to stay alive.

web hosting

Giving a nice host to your website is same as buying stuffs that your girlfriend likes.  Everyone is happy when they get good things. But the problem is How to choose?  There was a time when web hosting companies were monopolies with same prices and capacity. But with the coming of a new web hosting service, things have changed far better. Now you can select your site provider with ease and get the most relevant host which in turn using your site hosting fully without paying extra for unused and unwanted features and services.  This site has a well-built contextual based review platform.  You can get the top web hosts based on their

  • Web Hosting features
  • Uptime
  • Customer support
  • Webmaster and Consumer reviews
  • Price
  • Years in this web business


How to find the perfect host?

  1. Selecting your web hosting is no more a bad dream. Just follow my quick steps -
  2. Select the hosting type either by framework, script or platform.
  3. Enter the approximate daily traffic your site could get.
  4. Click on the search button.
  5. That’s it.  You will get the best host that’s relevant to your demand.

Currently there are about 60 web hosting sites listed. Isn’t that a big thing?  When we google  to find the best site file storage provider, we could see possibly top 10 web hosts and mostly repeated on every hosting review site which are either costly or doesn’t suit our needs.

So if you want to start blogging. Just select ” WordPress Hosting”  from their platform list and mention average users/day and search. Finally you will get the best web hosting for your blog. That’s how we can find the best website to store your WordPress blog. So choose the right provider and start your own website that succeeds in the right path.

Please drop a comment if you have any host and domain related queries. I could get you exclusive coupons and discounts to make sure you spend less to start out blogging and fly up. Could you please share with us your past or present experiences with any web hosting provider company?

Start Blogging in Less Than 5 Minutes

Thousands of blogs are

launched online every day. Every businessman and person is launching a blog to share his ideas with others. As the demand for creating blogs is increasing every day, the process of creating a blog is becoming easier as well. Now, it takes even less than 5 minutes to have your own blog.

1.) Register a Domain Name

Before setting up a blog, a domain name registration is needed. Make sure the domain name is relevant to the niche of your blog and its length is short as well. If you are going to create a blog about Medifast and Nutrisystem coupons, then the domain name should be relevant as well.

2.) Create a Hosting Account

Select a good web host. These days there are webhosts which have special packages for blogs. These plans are usually named as WordPress plans with a WordPress blog already installed. But its not necessary to buy these plans as a blog could be installed at any web host.

3.) Install a Blogging Script

After registering a web hosting account, you need to install a blogging script. If you would ask me, I would definitely recommend WordPress to you. The script is available for free and is very easily installed on any web server. What you need is a few megabytes of web space, a database and FTP client. First you will upload all files through the FTP client, create a database and run the installer. The installer will ask you for your database and FTP details.

4.) Customize Blog Settings

Different customizations are available through GUI. You dont need to be a coding expert and you even dont need to code a single line to customize the appearance of your blog. You can change the title, sub-title, theme and links of your blog. Do change the permalinks of your blog to mention the blog post title and the category in which that blog post resides.

5.) Install Plug-ins

For enthusiastic bloggers, there are tweaks to further customize their blogs known as plug-ins. These plug-ins either modify a previous functionality or add a new functionality to your blog. Another plus point of using WordPress is that all the plug-ins are placed on the same site for free and you dont have to search web for these plug-ins.

6.) Thats All Let’s Start Writing

This is all whats needed to set-up a blog. It doesnt take even 5 minutes. Some of the host also provides an installation option called Fantastico which allows installing number of scripts in just a minute. WordPress is one of those scripts. If your host offers Fantastico, then you dont even need to perform step 3 of installing a blog script. Moreover, there are few websites online which provide free blog hosting services as well. These websites dont even need you to register a domain but you can use a free sub-domain provided by them. Moreover, the installation is done within seconds and you even dont need to get involved in FTP details. Using these services save webhosting and domain registration costs along with saving you from getting involved in FTP and other technicalities.


5 reasons why you must choose WordPress for blogging

I am not going into raptures about WordPress simply because so many have done it before. This post is practical, down to earth advice to those bloggers who are not yet into WordPress and why they ought to be.

WordPress is simple to install and setup

The first hurdle which a blogger must cross is setting it all up. Those of you who are using traditional website for a blog are acutely aware of how difficult it is to get it up and running. To put it simply, it¢â‚¬â„¢s tough.

Setting up a blog in WordPress is smooth and easy. In fact, you can start blogging within no time without bothering about index page, CSS , XHTML , JavaScript and web servers. WordPress can be installed on almost all web servers and works well in any environment. In fact the power of WordPress lies in its versatility.

WordPress is extremely simple to use

Once you have installed your WordPress blog, you are done. No more compatibility issues, missing links and lost web pages. You can create posts and static web pages quickly. Posts take care of themselves ¢â‚¬â€œ you can review, trash, select and publish posts from contributors as well. Managing comments is equally easy. WordPress has been designed to cater to the entire blogging ecosystem. There is a tool for every conceivable operation which makes things truly amazing.

There are hundreds of themes to choose from

This is perhaps the most powerful feature of WordPress. You are not stuck with the same look and feel throughout your lifetime. You can choose from hundreds of themes, both free and premium. The free themes are pretty good and there is no need to go for premium themes unless you are looking for a particular look for your blog.

Hundreds of plug-ins to make your blogging experience better

This is where WordPress comes into its own. Plug-ins enhances the power of WordPress multiple times. You can choose from a long list of plug-ins for every conceivable blogging need. There is a plug-in for managing emails, SEO, advertisements, feedback forms, newsletters, sitemaps, RSS ¢â‚¬¦¢â‚¬¦.the list is endless.
In addition to free plug-ins, there are many which can be purchased. Plug-ins like Akismet are hugely popular.

WordPress blogs can be optimized quickly

If your blog is not indexed by Google it might as well not exist. SEO is by far the most important task for a blogger. Blog optimization is a tricky task which involves numerous activities. Keyword density, Title and Description tags, sitemap are some factors which you must keep in mind while optimizing your blog. Fortunately, WordPress has some powerful plug-ins which can assist you in SEO. These are easy to install and allow optimization of each post before publishing.


WordPress has been designed for blogging. It contains a full set of power tools to create, edit and publish blog‚ posts. If you are not using WordPress you are missing out on some really extraordinary blogging experience.

6 ways to promote your Blogs and Articles

When you are trying to make money by blogging using the system of advertising revenue sharing systems, then there are certain important criteria that you need to remember for being a successful monetizing blogger.

Let us discuss here some of the important aspects of blogging, which will help you to both popularize and make better monetization out of your blog.

1. Write compelling text:

To get and keeping the visitors of your blog engaged reading your articles, and force them to come back again to your website, is only by one means and that is writing compelling articles each time. Here in the blogging world, quantity and quality is both important, and therefore, to make your blogging career write more meaningful articles and good articles, which will help you to have dedicated readers and maintain their interest.

2. Use the convenience of article directories:

Just like how yellow pages will be promoting your business, this is also important that you should submit your blog articles to a number of other popular sites called article directories, which often fetches you better search engine ranking for your articles. When you create back links from these articles submitted to these directories, then you will find your blog fetching better traffic and more visitors. You can do this vice versa also.

3. Use comments section:

The use of comment section is a very simple but an effective tool for bringing traffic to your blog. This is the best place where you can initiate and discuss more about what you have written in your blog, and do not forget to respond back to your readersƒ¢¢â€š¬¢â€ž¢ comments. This is the best place to show your readers that you are interactive and is the best place for a two-way conversation about what you have written. This way the readers will feel like coming back to your blog and you will be having your cake of building dedicated readers. This is also one of the best ways to create the contents that search engines are looking for, making you to have the creamy layer of the cake.

4. Create outbound links:

Creating outbound links is both positive and negative for your website, and this is the best way to drive traffic from other websites, by creating outbound links of other websites, many will not like this, for this will carry the readers away to other pages. How this is going to help you will depend on the content and the mindset of your readers, the trick here is to be inconsistent in creating outbound links, so that carry your traffic to the same website, which is a competing website to you every time.

5. SEO your blogs:

Use relevant keywords using various keyword-generating tools from Google and other search engine websites, and add tags and Meta tags to your website. This is one of the major things that you need to do with care, as these days Google has become stringent with the quality of the content as it could not be compromised in the name of search engine optimization and stuffing keywords.

6. Use RSS feed:

Many readers use RSS to make life simple and convenient, and therefore, this is necessary that you isolate a place for the RSS feed icon on each page of your blog, so that the readers could add your blog to their RSS readers and these feed subscribers will be able to generate newer content, without the painful task of coming to your website every time to read the article that they want, rather you will be informing them of your new articles, once subscribed.

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