Edit Images Online with Photoshop Clone Sumo Paint

Do you love Adobe Photoshop? Isn’t it better if there is an online version of Photoshop? Sumo Paint is a Web 2.0 online Photoshop clone to create and edit images like we do in the image editing software.

sumo paint Edit Images Online with Photoshop Clone Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is a cool online flash application to create and edit images with ease. It is useful to people who like the tools in Photoshop but don’t have much knowledge about it. One good thing about Sumo Paint is it is faster to load, easier to use and lot of ready-made brushes are there.

Features of Sumo Paint

  • Sumo Paint has all the regular Photoshop tools.
  • Open images from your computer, edit images hosted on web and Sumo Paint account.
  • Easily send your finished image by email within the Sumo Paint App.
  • Plenty of unique tools are available in Sumo Paint tool palette.
  • Tweak and change colors, levels, brightness and contrast.
  • Use Sumo Paint unique filters to create cool effects for your artwork.

Sumo Paint has a big community to showcase your creative creations as well as rate, comment, share and favorite images.

Install Adobe Flash Player to load Sumo Paint web application.

Creative and talented graphic designers can build a global market with Sumo Paint.

SumoPaint tool 453x3001 Edit Images Online with Photoshop Clone Sumo Paint

Go to sumopaint.com/app and start developing your talent.

Do you love to make creative images online and did you like the new Photoshop software as a service Sumo Paint?

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