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About Athul Jayaram

Athul Jayaram is a young passionate blogger from Kerala, India. He is doing his II‚  year in Btech CSE+MBA (Dual Degree) at Amity University, New Delhi. He writes about Social Media, Technology, SEO, WordPress.

Apart from blogging he is a coder and loves to code and do SEO, WordPress set up and customization

Something in his own words:

I am a strong and confident person. When I was a kid, I started exploring the computer world and believed I can learn everything myself. After numerous computer crashes system OS was reinstalled nearly 50 times. I learned a lot about computer. Today, I install OS and fixes gadgets errors myself. When I was young I tried to register a website but miserably failed. I did not give up. I googled and learned everything related to websites. My effort from my 1st Grade, made me a powerful coder, geek and even a blogger. Now I know how things work. I am challenging the blogging industry !

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At Juniorhero, we blog about WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Web 2.0 Tools, Blogging, Hacks and all geeky stuffs.

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